Myla Sinanaj on Kim Kardashian: What a "Cruel Bitch!"

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Myla Sinanaj will be deposed today in the never-ending divorce battle between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.

However, before the latter's ex-lover takes the stand, she has a few harsh things to say about the woman forcing her to do so.

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Kim Kardashian in Vegas

According to TMZ, Myla is describing Kim as a "cruel bitch" because she has the audacity to schedule Sinanaj's deposition on the one-year anniversary of Kardashian marrying Humphries.

(Which also makes today the one-year-minus-72-day anniversary of Kardashian divorcing Humphries.)

Sinanaj also tells pals she will testify that Humphries did, indeed, "get played" by Kardashian and that the union between the pair ought to be annulled based on fraud because Kim was only in it for the reality show ratings.

Moreover, despite the six figures he banked from the E! series, Humphries supposedly "hated the cameras and his life being on display." According to Sinanaj at least.

As a quick refresher: Sinanaj reportedly met Humphries while working at a NYC hotel in January. The pair dated for a few months... split... and then Kris accused his ex of running a brothel... Myla responded by saying she could ruin Kris' case against Kim... and then she temporarily claimed she was pregnant.

You know, the usual breakup stuff.


Love there show .


She's another talentless ho, that is famous for no real reason...Oh wait she's famous because she slept with Kim K's ex (either way they both got sloppy seconds) Instead of paying this stupid people we should feed the poor hungry kids in the world!


are you still about fraud


Well, I guess it worked for her. She got her name on here again. Ewe. How trashy to be known as the "mistress." this woman clearly has no self respect. Of course, neither does Kim, but that's another story.


Excuse me for saying, didn't she and her lawyer have to agree on this date! she's just after fame and that's it. Know one would know she exested if it weren't for Kim. she went from having 90 followers on twitter to 25 thousand. She is jobless but has about 4 Hermes Birkin bags and countless Loubitin shoes.Mind you she was just a hotel worker. She has been payed off by Kris and will do or say anything to protect her new lifestyle. Didn't she recently attack Kris and threaten him saying that she had damaging evidence against him. All of a sudden she came into these finer things in life and her tune has changed. Didn't she say she was pregnant and now she's not? This girl and Kris are true liars and are just after fame and money!

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