Myla Sinanaj on Kim Kardashian: What a "Cruel Bitch!"

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Myla Sinanaj will be deposed today in the never-ending divorce battle between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.

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    Myla Sinanaj on Kim Kardashian: What a "Cruel Bitch!"
    Hh yeah baby! It made my day!
    Good luck!


    They all just need God in their lives.


    Man just let her b kim look goddess she's on top for now simple because that girl is dating kanye west one of the most talented rich hip hop star on the planet kanye and kim are the best for now and for ever these who not happy about it just keep your mouth shut haitian aka frantz kim and kanye support.




    I saw the kardashians tonight, every time Kim gets a new boyfriend, bam, she's better than every one else. I feel sorry for Rob she shits on him. This show and Kim is getting really sickning I'm so tired of seeing Kim's face. Now she's dating Kanye? Who the fuck cares I dont like the asshole every since he humiliated that poor girl on stage by taking her award, no excuse for that. I wish Kim would get off the show. I cannot believe the mother said she favores Kim? who does that? I hope that whole family excluding Rob goes broke.


    She will look for any reason to say something mean about Kim. Kims lawuera subpeonaed her about four times before finally gettimg a date. So this is her own doing. When shithead rudely just dumped her ahe was more than willing to give the imfo Kims laywers wanted now she will do anything to defend kh and will bash Kim. Is she pregnant? How much did kh pay her to lie under oath?


    A cruel bitch is you Myla because as far as I know you can't be like her. She is one of the most hottest model. So back off bitch


    Kris should just hang it up and move on. Kim is already hated worldwide just for being herself, so what's the point of him dragging this out? It's not as if he's ruining her reputation; she did that herself years ago. Time to move on.


    Am just so tired of Kim and Kris case, u guys should just get it over with! Pls... Kim! Kris u guys dnt want 2 ever be or see u guys again ok i get it, bt pls just get it over with and move on pls...


    How on earth would this woman know? She wasn't on the scene during the series and what she will be testifying is heresay. Kris Humphries had every opportunity not to appear on the show - although I do believe he was swept along with the whole scenario. I do think their marriage should be allowed to be annulled, but not for the reasons he is saying. Act in haste - repent at leisure. A little dignity from both sides would not go amiss.

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