MSNBC's Touré Accuses Mitt Romney of "Niggerization" of President Obama

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MSNBC's Touré, co-host of the network's roundtable show The Cycle, used the n-word to describe Mitt Romney's campaign and its tactics against President Obama.

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    Hey blue eyed devil Tyrone quit laying your pink balks out in the sun so your blue veins in your itsy bitsy dick that still looks like it did the day you were born. And try to get sum ass in that crack in your back so you don't look like a jackal. And lastly I hear a child crying sounds like it's time for you to go do what needle dicks do best and fuck the child. Sick bastards!


    Speak English, Twerps!


    Romney-Ryan 2012!


    Who Dat is Dat be dun call mi name outz loud. tyronnie Dat be u? romie luukie here. don't makes me go upside yo head. Bama b dun mess it all up romie. I know u didn't vote for him cause u was in da pin. romie I need you to get yo groove on.




    Obama 2012!!!!


    @@ Matt---SHUT UP! Free Speech is still in the U.S. Constitution last time I checked...leastways, Obama hasn't gotten that shredded yet! Trollie get under that bridge! More and more are jumpin' on the RomRyan train...face it!

    PS You are a Democrat? Well, good for'll be losin' your hiney come November, but oh well.


    What a coincidence Daina and Eyes just happened to back your POV at just the right moment.
    Yes you are a Republican, well good for you. Anyone else contradicts what you say and release the hounds. On and on you blowhard fish. Shut up! Listening to you and the gals will make everyone vote for Obama. Blah blah blah you're on a GOSSIP site! Get on a political site and for god sakes put down the kool aid. The fact you procreated speaks volumes as to why this country is going to hell.


    How low? Lower than whale shit is how low! These people are going to show us who they are and when they go down we can never let them up again. This is all premeditated and they feed on communism. It's time for Republicans to take the gloves off. The convention will be nothing short of a revelation and Opening night will be something not to miss. I worked at the local Republican Center today! It's refreshing to be around people that wear a belt and don't butcher the english language. Chick-Fil-A will pass out free Republican Sandwiches! Ha!


    @Matt As far as the Obama Campaign goes? Desperate times mean desperate measures. For a sitting incumbent President...he's really behind (poll percentage-wise at this point)! Thus--Enter: Toure and Biden! Before ya know it, every media blip and campaign ad will have subliminal messages that are tainted with racist threats that if "whitey don't vote the POTUS back in, why he be just plain ole racist....yessir, I 'spect he is at that"! I hope the campaign came be cut above this biased foolishness! It should be of substance (the real issues) not desperate, respiteful rhetoric by a Prezzy that failed badly in his first and only term. I fear "How LOW can we go" will be the catch phrase of the Obamanites!

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