Mitt Romney 'Wimp' Newsweek Cover: On Point or Over the Line?

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Newsweek, which raised more than a few eyebrows this year for its covers proclaiming President Obama the first gay president and for calling his critics dumb, is out with yet another controversial political cover story.

This time, they call Mitt Romney a "wimp" in no uncertain terms.

Mitt Romney Wimp Newsweek Cover

"Romney is the genuine article: a true wimp," Michael Tomasky argues in his cover story, adding that "In some respects, he’s more weenie than wimp."

"Socially inept; often awkwardly ingratiating, at times mocking those 'below' him, but almost always getting the situation a little wrong, and never in a sympathetic way."

Romney said the story didn't bother him though, telling CBS News that "They tried that on George Herbert Walker Bush; he was a pretty great President."

Mitt's right, as seen in the 1987 issue pictured below (along with a couple of awesome spoofs we saw on the Romney issue for good measure).

George H.W. Bush Wimp Newsweek Cover
Mitt Romney, Pimp
Mitt Romney, Blimp

Calling Romney a wimp is probably a little much, but the cover and story underscore what a lot of his critics say makes him a weak candidate.

Namely, that he's a paper-pushing corporate technocrat devoid of personality and unable to relate to regular people, and who has no core beliefs.

His supporters will vocally dispute this and laud his achievements and positive traits, of course ... while others may accept it and vote for him anyway.

What do you think: Is Mitt Romney a wimp?


It's to late, fraud MATTY- MATTY WAS UP EARLY- he's already come an gone riding the ROMNEY RAILROAD BABY! Try again another time! ROMNEY 2012!


Cont. CATHOLIC VOTERS- The majority went with Obama last time and they are pissed since he went to war with them over contraception. He will lose that vote.


(2) Small Buisness? Do I really need to explain? ZERO! WHITE BLUE COLLAR WORKERS? Ahhh... No! Zero! Military votes- McCain won that group by 10 points in 08. Romney as of now is 25 points ahead of Obama. Suburban moms are concerned about their children's debt and money to put food on the table, they are concerned about the future. Not to mention, Fast & Furious, Solyndra and countless other bad moves and the dissatisfied state of mind of Americans. The only way Obama can stay in office is if no election takes place. PS- I'm sorry I had to cut the cake 1st dear. I just couldn't wait on you any longer. He's not in love he just wants a chance at the American Dream & also to get you off assistance?


I can't believe I'm saying this, but i agree with Matt. Obama is dragging us deeper and deeper in a hole and people who will vote either way based on race should be ashamed. I dont care if hes a smurf, he has too many ties to things that are un American in value.


The Trolls have decide to back Romney. Mitt is the only clear choice. America can only have so many people on programs. Obama doesn't have a plan for recovery. He does plan on playing the race card and attacking Romney daily.

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