Mitt Romney 'Wimp' Newsweek Cover: On Point or Over the Line?

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Newsweek, which raised more than a few eyebrows this year for its covers proclaiming President Obama the first gay president and for calling his critics dumb, is out with yet another controversial political cover story.

This time, they call Mitt Romney a "wimp" in no uncertain terms.

Mitt Romney Wimp Newsweek Cover

"Romney is the genuine article: a true wimp," Michael Tomasky argues in his cover story, adding that "In some respects, he’s more weenie than wimp."

"Socially inept; often awkwardly ingratiating, at times mocking those 'below' him, but almost always getting the situation a little wrong, and never in a sympathetic way."

Romney said the story didn't bother him though, telling CBS News that "They tried that on George Herbert Walker Bush; he was a pretty great President."

Mitt's right, as seen in the 1987 issue pictured below (along with a couple of awesome spoofs we saw on the Romney issue for good measure).

George H.W. Bush Wimp Newsweek Cover
Mitt Romney, Pimp
Mitt Romney, Blimp

Calling Romney a wimp is probably a little much, but the cover and story underscore what a lot of his critics say makes him a weak candidate.

Namely, that he's a paper-pushing corporate technocrat devoid of personality and unable to relate to regular people, and who has no core beliefs.

His supporters will vocally dispute this and laud his achievements and positive traits, of course ... while others may accept it and vote for him anyway.

What do you think: Is Mitt Romney a wimp?


@So true Amy- so true! Affiliated with MSNBC I'm sure. Or Maybe they could call it " News 4 the Weak"


I'm curious why this publication is called "Newsweek", it seems it should be called "LiberalOpinionsweek."


Obongo is so thin he looks like a kenyan AIDS patient and what about those ears ?? Lol Dumbo called he wants his ears back kid.


I am the boss. There you go with that gay talk again! When you find that Mitt has broken the law- let us know! O-ne


That's per hour...


Ahhh yes- a true coward using eyes username. Look-I will be honest- I don't give a shit about you- okay? If you hate people with money then feel free to hate me cause each time I type a letter I'm drawing $49.50 the whole time, not including benifits. You don't actually beleive I would type to your sorry unemployed ass on my time, DO YA?


I wasn't ranting at Heather- TADPOLE I WAS SAYING THAT I AM OFTEN RIGHT! Quit your bitching!


@ Eyes- - I watched Obama this weekend- do you notice how he is always running up the stairs to the microphone. Shirt sleeves always rolled up like he's been cleaning fish or Summmmm In! Anyway I'm guessing this leaves the impression of something like .... " HEY GUYS... I GOT HERE AS QUICK AS I COULD.....I DIDNT EVEN HAVE TIME TO ROLL MY SLEEVES DOWN.... BEEN WORKING ON A PLAN! WHEEEWWWWW DIS GOVERNMENT WORK IS A FULL TIME JOB!


MITT/MATT 2012! I agree 100% with "Matt"!


FYI- IM SURE A LITTLE TADPOLE LIKE YOU THINKS YOUR SLICK? If I wanted to hide- I could hide! READ " VIVA LAS VEGAS" and understand why he will lose? This years race is something you could call.... PREDICTABLE! The truth is- by the 2nd week of November- your going to miss me! I'm the one you think about as you brush your teeth- BOTH OF THEM! @ Heather- you know I could possibly be the smartest person you know! So- dont hate to admit that about Matt! I don't care what kind of wimp he is- he's rich/ he did it legally and I want a part of the ACTION!

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