Mitt Romney 'Wimp' Newsweek Cover: On Point or Over the Line?

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Newsweek, which raised more than a few eyebrows this year for its covers proclaiming President Obama the first gay president and for calling his critics dumb, is out with yet another controversial political cover story.

This time, they call Mitt Romney a "wimp" in no uncertain terms.

Mitt Romney Wimp Newsweek Cover

"Romney is the genuine article: a true wimp," Michael Tomasky argues in his cover story, adding that "In some respects, he’s more weenie than wimp."

"Socially inept; often awkwardly ingratiating, at times mocking those 'below' him, but almost always getting the situation a little wrong, and never in a sympathetic way."

Romney said the story didn't bother him though, telling CBS News that "They tried that on George Herbert Walker Bush; he was a pretty great President."

Mitt's right, as seen in the 1987 issue pictured below (along with a couple of awesome spoofs we saw on the Romney issue for good measure).

George H.W. Bush Wimp Newsweek Cover
Mitt Romney, Pimp
Mitt Romney, Blimp

Calling Romney a wimp is probably a little much, but the cover and story underscore what a lot of his critics say makes him a weak candidate.

Namely, that he's a paper-pushing corporate technocrat devoid of personality and unable to relate to regular people, and who has no core beliefs.

His supporters will vocally dispute this and laud his achievements and positive traits, of course ... while others may accept it and vote for him anyway.

What do you think: Is Mitt Romney a wimp?


Mitt reminds me of a smarmy used car salesman.


A History Major? Part Indian? Working the corner of Cottage Grove & 63rd? I saw you last night! Vitamin P Orange Daisy Dukes- 1/2 Pound of Red Lipstick? Size 12 Stiletto Heels- The ones with the Gold Fish swimming around? Gold teffee smile? Had Dat weave goin on to eh? Down a Hundred & tenth street, trying to catch a woman's that weak! Yeah - I get the picture. Do you miss Reed? You must? He must have left quite an impression on you?


Unemployment up to 8.3%.... So what OBAMAS plan? On Aug. 15th, Illegals will be able to apply for work permits. That's for people not born but brought here from outside the USA without papers. He hasn't spoken a word about getting you a job. Again.... Unemployment @ 8.3% Obama for America campaign along with the Democratic Ohio Democratic Party has filed a lawsuit against the State of Ohio! The Democrats are trying to block the state of Ohio who wants to allow Military Personel to have a wider timespan in which to vote in the General Election. Military polls show that Romney is ahead with vets, 58 to 34 percent! This being the reason for the lawsuit I'm sure. Still waiting on OBAMAS recovery strategy! Romney will pick VP next week. I already know who it will be and of course- you don't.


Yes- Clint can be tuff


@Matt...What about Harry Reid? Noticed on Drudge that Clint Eastwood is backing Romney. He now sounds like a man one could consider mingling their 'ashes' with after all. I get squirmy when I think of mingling my ashened remains with a bold-faced about being condemned to an eternity of wailing and a nashing of teeth. That could do it!


Yep- The Drudge! CNN tells me the latest lies! How bout that Harry Reid? Ha!


@Matt Obama doesn't NEED a plan if he gets re-elected, instead it'll be just more of the "clueless" same. That's why all those with more than one brain cell need to pull the lever for Mitt. Surprised you're watchin' those yokels on CNN...aside from having a liberal bend their ratings have plummeted. Love Drudge Report...they tell it like it is!


@Matt On Obamas appearances: It's an image tactic. His handlers know the money's been only trickling as compared to '08. He's very behind for an incumbent President. The enthusiasm his election campaign enjoyed 4 yrs. ago is but a memory. So Davey Axelrod said, "Mr. President try to jump start the crowd with acting like you've got energy and vitality! You maybe you could possibly pull out an actual win?" The Prez looked about in bewilderment and this was his best attempt to date. If the POTUS sinks further get ready to see him tap dance up to the platform like Mr. Bojangles! Yep. Look for it to get really lame before Labor Day!


What's the hype here? It's merely another example of the extremely biased liberal media assist their radical liberal comrades in pushing their agenda. If they were fair they'd have a cover with Obama on it with big letters touting one of the following headlines: The Amateur Factor
The Abysmal Leadership Factor
The Jobless Factor
The Economically Clueless Factor
The Socialist Factor (sigh) It would be so HARD to choose...wouldn't it!


It is covers like this that explain why Newsweek lost $20 million last year and will soon be be unable to afford to continue to print their publications.

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