Mitt Romney V.P. Candidates: Who Should He Pick?

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With the Republican National Convention coming up this month, presidential nominee-in-waiting Mitt Romney is preparing to make the biggest decision of his candidacy.

Who will be his vice presidential running mate? No one knows.

The secretly-guarded vetting process offers few clues as to who Romney might run with against President Obama, but that hasn't slowed the political world's answer to the Fifty Shades of Grey movie rumor mill for one second.

Romney VP Candidates

A number of GOP All-Stars - former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Sens. Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Rob Portman (Ohio), Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.), Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and N.J. Gov. Chris Christie, to name a few - are likely in the mix.

Mitt could also surprise the whole country by going the Sarah Palin route and tapping a virtual unknown, although we don't suspect a repeat of that mistake.

Only time will tell. Until he announces the pick this month, all we can do is speculate on Romney's VP pick ... and cast votes in the poll below!

Who should Mitt Romney pick as V.P.?


Yeah- I know a thing or 2 about boobs. Romney has entertained and has moved past the point of trying to please an untapped section of society. Why please who already hates you. VP will have experience. Useless info has been overwhelming. Romney is a business man and he is in this thing to make a difference. He's rich so money is not what he's after. He's 65 and he doesn't have the ego to flaunt power. Romney sees a challenge and he will not settle for wasteful spending on useless programs and this is the reason why most don't want him there. Romney wants to get this country out of the red. Obama is accusing him of everything from a cancer death to the Kennedy assassination. Im guessing we will see Romney at his best in Tampa. What's Obamas plan?


It's like the V.P., is there, just in case something happens to the President. They don't do much, yet when McCain chose Palin, it cost him many votes. Romney should pick the most right wing running mate possible. The liberals are brainwashed, about Obama. Even though BHO, has proven himself, to be a terrible president. Ms. Rice might of been a good choice, exept that serious screw up about 9/11, will always come back to haunt her.


I do not know about any recovery plan. the economy has been this way for so long I thought this was a way of life. I did her obama blame some things on George bush but I thought he was long gone. maybe I'm on the wrong channel for recovery talk. I will watch more closely. I - like most of my friends are jealous of the rich because they have made something of their lives. Reading what Daina says on this site is probably the nearest thing have have in regards to an education. Maybe she knows about this recovery thing people talk about! HONESTY- I'm just in it for the FREE shit.


Yeah- Romney Hood- so cute. I watch cartoons when I channel surf but of course......that's not real either. Has anyone heard thru all the BULLSHIT- as to what Obamas recovery plan is? I mean besides tax the shit out of people!


I'm no fan of Mitt Romney, but, Bobby Jindal as a possible V.P. Candidate? Give me a fucking break!!!!! I live in Louisiana and, trust me on this, Jindal has done nothing but FUCK UP Louisiana...VERY BADLY!!!!! As a would-be V.P., Jindal would do nothing but run the country INTO THE GROUND!!!!!! Case closed.


Obama 2012! Obama 2012! Obama 2012! Obama 2012!


It does NO good to pick Rubio.Trying to pander to cubans,latinos etc. isn't going to work most will vote dem regardless.Same with Jindal-ain't gonna happen.He should pick Bachman so i will at least have something to jack-off to during the state of the union speeches. Romney '12


At this point.... Does it really matter? Obama is out! He actually believed that the people would follow him no matter how lame he is. He got this far by doing virtually nothing when he was a Senator. He cant even lie anymore with a straight face. He damn sure can't tell us what his recovery plan is. Tax the rich? Then what? How many jobs will that create? If I was rich and you taxed me- I would lay people off! Then what? More on Government assistance? Get Romney in there so we can salvage what's left of the wreckage.

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