Mitt Romney Introduces Paul Ryan as "The Next President of the United States"

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Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan for Vice President this morning, and apparently thinks very highly of him, as Paul received a promotion within five minutes!

Okay, not really, but in introducing the Wisconsin Congressman and rising GOP star to a Norfolk, Va., crowd, Romney finished his remarks with a gaffe:

"Join me in welcoming the next President of the United States, Paul Ryan!"

Of course ... if President Obama wins reelection, then Ryan wins the White House in 2016, Romney could be proven correct! Chances are that's not what he meant.

Mitt caught his error as Ryan made his way to the podium, then joked that "every now and then I've been known to make a mistake ... I didn't make one with this guy."

"I can tell you this, he's going to be the next Vice President of the United States."

Ryan and his budget-cutting ideas have the potential to transform the 2012 race; both parties responded to his nomination with a "game on" approach.

Support for the mix of spending cuts and tax cuts proposed by Ryan, 42, has become a litmus test on the right, and opposing them a rallying cry on the left.

What do you think: Is Paul Ryan a good choice for V.P.?


Like a scratched record on a Jukebox! BUSH BUSH BUSH! Pretending for a moment - if that what it takes to find a starting point as to what actually rests on Obama shoulders lets blame Bush for everything short of the Japanese Tsunami! Now what? All anyone who is voting- all they want to know is where do we go from here? We have a president who wants to add more Fire Fighters and cops! That's a state decision- not his- neither is gay marriage or Abortion. Now what? 25 million out of work. Unemployment is double what it was 4 years ago. More on Food stamps than ever! Nobody gives a damn anymore as to how we got here! WE ARE HERE! THE QUESTION IS WHAT IS OBAMA GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? He has a hell of a road ahead because the majority of Americans have NO faith in him.


Yeah, with my American wife. Canada: we don't sell our houses to pay medical bills.


Paul Ryan? Wonderful choice! THE man in the U.S. House who had the courage to develop a budget that addresses the spending crisis this country has been beleaguered with for some years and by the way, escalating under the Obama Admin. sadly. Ryan realizes----as one with more than one brain cell does---that this crazy deficit has GOT to be curbed! Any budget is going to be tough, but at least Republicans came up with one. The Dems in Congress have went over 1,100 days with NO proposed budget. Jesus! That HAS to be a record! It's gotta end folks. WE Americans cannot continue to be China's BITCH! Time to get off the teat of runaway spending to buy votes and loyalties from those who desire someone else to support them! Romney-Ryan 2012!


Wait I don't really understand it all? who's the good dude and who's the bad dude that everyone hates ? and btw before anyone starts talking shit I'm from the uk so I don't really get info on this !!!!!


Ken aren't you living in Canada?


Out of touch with Reality is being kind. These two knuckleheads who wrote these comments get their current events from Sports Illustrated. Anyone who votes for Obama and Obama care gets what they deserve. What a nightmare! I believe that Mitt/Ryan ticket is 2 strong, smart men - something we have not seen in a long time.


The last three years Obama has been cleaning up the mess W. made. Housing collapse, GM and MOPAR going Chapter 11, bandits on Wall Street stealing then getting bailed out. The American economy was in free fall at the end of Bushes administration and not a Recession but a full on Depression [as history will record] and if you look at the data Growth did not begin until Obamas Inauguration. You'll try to spin it but if I'm wrong why did McCain suspend his campaign to return to Washington to work on the crisis? Why today when interviewed does McCain grit his teeth when he repeats the party line and only relax when the interview lets go of The Official Word? The GOP forced Pailin on him and that cost him the election. Watch him, he is bitter towards the Party but being a good Republican he falls in Lock Step, through clenched jaw.


If Reid was right Romney would have been charged long before now! Eric Holder would have made sure of it. Romney has already released one year and will release at least another. Even if Romney owed -it could be as much as the 823K Democrats blew in Vegas in 2010! I wouldn't release a damn thing and why should Romney-maybe so the Democrats can whittle away at something- do what they do best-LIE! Americans are tired at the bashing and Obama hasn't figured that out yet! Move Forward? To where? Barrack " The Candyman" Obama should explain his whereabouts the last 3 years! Time to put up or shut up Obama- what's your plan? More entitlements?


So very very out of touch with Reality. Tell me, this Reid vs. Romney deal on his tax returns, which his wife says "You People" don't need to see. If Reid is right, in that Rob-Me never paid taxes in ten years, then Rob-Me should withdraw from the race. However if Reid is wrong, then he should not run for re-election. Sound fair?

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