Miley Cyrus Topless Bathtub Photo: Posted Online!

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Miley Cyrus has been Twit picturing up a storm this week, sending out shots of herself upon waking up and upon donning a revealing dress.

But a brand new photo has hit the Internet and it's one we don't think Miley intended for anyone's eyes except those of fiance Liam Hemsworth. It's easy (and seductive) to see why:

Miley Cyrus Nude Picture

Sources say the shot was taken some time in the last year, with celebrity photographer Vijat Mohindra behind the camera.

Cyrus and Mohindra do have an established, close relationship, as he actually documented Miley’s Gypsy Heart tour in the spring of 2011.

This picture was allegedly part of a private spread the star arranged for Hemsworth, and while there's no verification at the moment that it's definitively Cyrus, she does have that same dream catcher tattoo along her side.

How did it get out? It's unclear. Should you feel dirty starting, guys? Maybe, but you at least don't need to feel like a criminal: Miley was 18 at the time.

UPDATE: It appears as if this photo is simply available on Mohindra's official website. It's one of many the photographer has posted of Cyrus under his Client List.

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i don't know why the big fuss is on miley. it was last year, get your facts straight. i love the every minute about her. she's better than you just writing trash about her. you better get off of miley's back or we as smilers which we are fans of hers going slap the end of your motherfucking face.


LEAVE MILEY ALONE!!!!!!!! :P She's beautiful PERIOD.


she does this for attention but is getting the wrong type of attention. there is nothing wrong with the pic as she is not showing anything. she needs to focus more on her career then getting negative attention as people are growing tired of celebs pulling these type of stunts for attention when their career is dwindling just to keep in the public eye.


I honestly think that it was for Liam only and shouldn't have been leaked out. Miley is 19 almost 20, and the pic was taken last year. Why is it becoming big news now!? It's a tasteful picture and it looks nice, but Miley's photographer should have made it harder for people to see because more and more kids under age 13 click on links and websites like the one Miley's pic is on and they don't expect to see whats on the computer or ipod screens. Just saying my opinion....


really victoria secret models do this all the time but if a celebrity does it it's shocking....NO!!!


She's grown, she's NOT Hannah Montana (a character), she shouldn't have to be a role model as she is a young adult trying to find her way in the world. On top of all that, its a beautiful photo. The only ones throwing a fit are the ones that a) don't remember being young & doing things that some others considered inappropriate, and b) are so jealous, they know nothing but hate.


She's not even showing anything bad. Compared to the type of things that Nicki Minaj usually wears, Miley is more covered up than she is in this pic...


people need to leave her alone already..There is nothing wrong with the pic in the first place...What a messed up society we live in..Grow up already... Totally agree with Amy


Totally agree with amy!


This picture is not what I'd call shocking. It is perfectly acceptable & she looks good. Really all the fuss and nasty stories about Miley are becoming tiresome. She is 19 & enjoying her life & is in love & happens to also be beautiful, rich and famous - GET OVER IT!