Miley Cyrus Responds to Hair Haters: I'm So Happy!

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Miley Cyrus has undergone an extreme makeover, and she's received some extreme backlash in response.

Not long after the singer debuted a radically short haircut on Twitter, fans and celebrities alike shared their opinion on the light locks, many of them negative.

Tyler the Creator, for example, Tweeted to Miley "Your barber is an a**hole." He later deleted the message.

Miley Cyrus Hair

But Miley is taking the criticism very much in stride, writing this afternoon.

"My dad Billy Ray Cyrus used to tell me, 'opinions are are like a**holes --everybody has one.' LOVE my hair. Feel so happy, pretty, and free."

We're actually on Miley's side on this one. All the way. Way to stand tall and proud of who you are!

As for anyone who can't keep his/her opinions to themselves? Cyrus is maintaining a single reaction to these haters of her hair: "Giving face all day."

We're not sure what that means. But what do you think of Miley's new 'do?


I, personally , am not a fan of Miley, but I think it's great that she's doing what she wants and not taking sh*t from anybody. All you haters, whats wrong with being different? Judging her just because she wanted to do something that she liked or just because you want to hate on someone for the hell of it makes you seem like a big A**hole. Keep it up Cyrus.


"Yaaaaa. Go back to the long, layered wavy hair that everyone,everywhere has." She has the guts to do something different and a cute enough face to pull it off. At least she is willing to take a chance and do something bold. I'd rather be that than beautiful and bland.


Looks draws attention to her horse teeth.


Here's the reason she won't set a wedding date: she ain't gonna get married; at least not to a man. This girl is as dyke as a dam. Any butch can see that. Guranteed - I would bet on it if I could. Come out Miley, and get it over with already.

Carol worth

Gosh, I can't see why everybody is raggin' on Miley for her short hair-do! I'll bet it feels just great in all this heat, and, it's an easy one to take care of. She's cute, no matter HOW she wears her hair. Plus, let her enjoy this "edgy" style while she is young! Own it, Miley! 0;-D


Liv �miley and Liam


Donated hair has to be at least 10 inches long and cannot be bleached/highlighted/etc. I don't know where these rumors about Miley funding her hair came from, but it's not possible.


Hey Miley...Macauley Culkin called...he wants his haircut back!!!


OMG!! SHARKY! was already UGLY with l0ng hair ... why d0es she want t0 l0ok w0rse?!!


So, in keeping with continuity..., do you die your hair the same....everywhere?


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