Miley Cyrus on New Haircut: All About Self Love!

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Miley Cyrus continues to stand up for her new haircut.

Despite a rash of criticism over the very short blonde locks, the singer is proud of her brand new look. She directly addressed the critics in a couple Twitter posts yesterday, and now she's published a new self-portrait along with a few inspiring words.

Short Miley Cyrus Haircut

"Self love is the greatest of all flatterers," Cyrus wrote beneath this headshot, which includes an up-close look at her nose ring and dark red lips.

She later added: "Energy flows where our intention goes . . . Create your day." And then she published yet another photo of herself, this one a full body shot. Click on it now to enlarge and then vote in our poll:

Miley Cyrus, New Look



Good for her!!! I LOVE IT! It's awesome she tried something edgier and different!!


I love the hair, I think she looks great


everyone keeps saying negative things.. but i think its so cool she cut her hair to something she likes knowing she's gonna get shit for doing it, but doing it anyways. i love it i think she looks great no matter what. and i think too many people waste their time judging other people. go miley for doing what she likes. fuck everyone else who has a problem with it


Nah, I like her hair :) never been a fan of miley cyrus actually but I read somewhere she cut her hair, so I was curious and checked..I really like it. It's a big change and what she said is true, it's all about self-love.


look at that house, and she looks horrible.
Kids shouldnt be able to be exposed to this.


Okay look, the blond looks good on her, just as good as her old hair did. However the cut looks awful and not like her, she's wearing grandma makeup that does NOT compliment her features AT ALL. Since when does this girl have a nose piercing? What the heck Miley, I get your not a Disney star but you don't need to wear skimpy outfits and put on makeup that does not look good on you, AND on top of it all cut your hair in a pixie cut. Sorry Miley but I'm not seeing the look for you. It's good to experiment, now you know this is a no-no.


Stop with this , " Wheres The old Miley " Andd shit like that , SHES NOT A DISNEY CHANNEL STAR Anymore , Shes an Adult and she can do whatever the fuck she wants to . Leave her the fuck alone . Like she can do what she wants with her hair her lips any ting she wants because its up to her She 20 fucking years old . Im glad she changed . I liked her then but i like her even more be cause she does what she wants . When yall have millions then yall can say what the fuck you want to . EVERYBODY changes Miley , justin , Selena , Demi . They are not the child stars yall remember and it would scare me if they were cause they are adults . Geese you guys are so fucking IGNORANT !


why is her house so messy? dang girl clean your house!


She use to look half way decent. No she looks horrible!!!! I think she needs to learn how to clean up a little. I mean come on why would you post a picture with your place looking like a pig sty.


looks stupid.ur all just freaks thinkin were jealous...c through shirt????wat was that.weres the old miley???????


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