Miley Cyrus Makes Out with a Girl!

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Late last week, Evan Rachel Wood got in a bit of trouble for joking that Miley Cyrus was gay.

But the singer herself then went out and made a few onlookers curious at The Darby in New York City, where the 19-year old partied it up with friends and even exchanged a few lip locks… with members of the same sex!

New Look for Miley Cyrus

"“She was trying to get everyone’s attention,” a witness told The New York Post of Miley's girl-to-girl kisses.

But Cyrus eventually changed venues and met up with fiancé Liam Hemsworth at 1Oak, where she and the actor sat at a table with owner Scott Sartiano.

All in all, it was a relatively harmless and fun evening for the star, especially considering the controversy her mouth has gotten her into during past nights out.

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Let's not be catty and prudish, people. I've seen lots of other women kiss their female friends on the lips in greeting, both inside and outside of Hollywood. Of course the media would spin this into a 'story' and make something harmless like this seem like a scandal. @Samantha: you obviously don't even know what a whore is. And your claim that she's using Liam for his fame is bullshit. They met and started dating LONG BEFORE Liam got that role in the Hunger Games. Those of you who think she's 'out of control' and 'a trainwreck waiting to happen' must be very sheltered and puritanical. Miley Cyrus is actually pretty tame compared to a lot of other celebrities, and the truth is that the average person in her age group isn't as straight-laced and innocent as you think.


Can someone please give her a "B Movie" script.


Attention-seeking whore much? I feel bad for Liam Hemsworth. She's only with him because of his publicity from The Hunger Games, and I feel bad that he can't see that. This girl is out of control and I agree with Kats. She's nowhere near ready for a lifelong commitment, and she probably won't be for another ten years. She's a trainwreck waiting to happen.


She is out of control. In general, I wouldn't consider this a big deal at all, but all the evidence is piling up that she is a lost little girl, and yes, an attention whore. She is no where near ready for an engagement and lifelong commitment. Run Liam. Run.


What an attention whore

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