Miley Cyrus Cuts Hair WAY Short: What Do You Think?

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Say hello to the new Miley Cyrus.

After dyeing her hair blonde and cutting off a couple inches last month, the 19-year old has taken scissors to her locks once again - and really changed up her look!

 “Never felt more me in my whole life," Cyrus Tweeted along with this photo, while also posting another and adding: most successful Sally day EVER!

Miley Cyrus Short Hair

Anticipating backlash, however, Miley wrote:

“if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all. my hair is attached to my head no one else’s and it’s going bye bye! :)”

You tell us, readers: do you have anything nice to say? What do you think of this drastic haircut?


MILEY I LOVE u no matter what u do everyone is free to do whatever what wants


I don't care for this particular style but she looks adorable with it short! And God Bless her for donating her locks to cancer patients! I've been growing my hair to do the same thing; by next spring it will be to my waist then snip snip to just above the shoulders leaving a couple of feet to donate and then start over to do it again ...


Ok, first off theres another pic out there that is way cuterthan this. Secondly, who r we to judge her hair and those stating she is a role model n she shouldnt have done this cuz lil girls will want to do it. So now cutti g ur hair short is a bad influence. What the hell is wrong with u people. As a star for kids, yes, nude pic, slutty pics, etc not good but now she is 19, u all did what u wanted at 19 and now her hair is not a bad influence. Some of u people need a life. Thirdly, I do not judge people, especially by their hair and anyone who does, u better b damn hot n perfect and none of u haters r!!! Have a fabulous day!!!


Lilo how do you know that she doesn't read them??? Do you work for her? Are you her personal friend? I think not.


Miley looks good as a blonde, but that haircut looks like a chopped up mess, very unflattering & makes her look sickly. Cant believe it was done by a professional looks like something a kindergartener would do to their own hair


shi is perfect-


She looks great. With that gorgeous face of hers, she can afford to let the face do all the work, because that's what a cut like this requires. It also helps that she's thin. Not too many girls/women can carry off this look.


it looks awesome and btw people doesnt matter out side its the inside thank you


Okay I'm sorry but I just have to say, after looking through the comments, Miley doesn't read them. Stop commenting like you're talking to her. She most likely will never see them and furthermore, never mention your comment or username or notice you in anyway. With that out of the way: I hate this hair cut, it look awful and sloppy. She looks goth, especially with the necklace and black shirt. It's amazing how she went from Hannah Montana, to pole dancing, to nude photo shoots, to a gothic style. I used to love Miley, but she's taking this too far. She has to remember that little girls still look up to her. What she presents herself as is what little girls are going to want to present themselves as. She should think a little more about that before she does this stuff. She has to remember she's not a normal person, she's a celebrity. And celebrities have people that look up to them and follow in their footsteps.


Like I said on her instagram I don't like it. But its her hair and it will grow back. But this story also forgot to tell the story behind why she did it she donated her hair to a cancer program that makes wigs for cancer victims. So what she did was was a good cause. But IMO I don't like it but if it makes her feel good inside that's all that matters.

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