Miley Cyrus Cuts Hair WAY Short: What Do You Think?

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Say hello to the new Miley Cyrus.

After dyeing her hair blonde and cutting off a couple inches last month, the 19-year old has taken scissors to her locks once again - and really changed up her look!

 “Never felt more me in my whole life," Cyrus Tweeted along with this photo, while also posting another and adding: most successful Sally day EVER!

Miley Cyrus Short Hair

Anticipating backlash, however, Miley wrote:

“if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all. my hair is attached to my head no one else’s and it’s going bye bye! :)”

You tell us, readers: do you have anything nice to say? What do you think of this drastic haircut?


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I think she missed a spot or two, no it's ok but she should have finished remember Brittany?


miley u look pretty u shouldnt care what anybody think so ur right about ur comment up there it ur hair and ur desions i love it


She looks like Britney Spears, mid shave.


Jesus God, Man!


Draco Malfoy wanna be much:s:L


(more) however... She'll pretty much make more HATERS than LOVERS now. Eh..... All the best new....blonde-rebel-pixie-Miley??! :/


"Personally...I always thought Miley as a super-BIG-attention-seeker; who's a rebel-poor-love-sick teen(engaged at 19 -- WTF?!?!#)...! And to see a pic of her with blonde-cropped hair..!!?!?!!! Um.... Not surprised she would do something CRAZY like that but *honestly, it suits her.... A lot!*


She was a pretty girl before now she looks foolish. All done for attention. Young girls look up to her. I just hope they don't try to look like her.


Shes prettier than before. And doesnt matter. Shes got enough dosh to buy wigs/extentions etc


Is there NOTHING this kid won't do for attention? You can't turn around without seeing "news" as it applies to MC - she is just overexposed IMHO. And another thing - it took 5 hours to create this hair mess? I could have done that blindfolded in less than 15 minutes. If you put it out there and want people to gawk, then don't bitch and moan when they tell you the truth - she looks ridiculous.