Miley Cyrus Continues to Go "CUHHH-RAZY" on Twitter

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Miley Cyrus is at it again.

The singer has followed up her recent rash of Twitter photos - most of which are close-ups of her new, controversial haircut - with a more encompassing self-portrait, one that depicts the young star in very colorful pants, a see-through blouse and a black bra.

"It was just one of those CUHHH-RAZY pant days," Miley included as a caption with this image.

Really, it's been one of those CUHHH-RAZY social networking weeks for the celebrity overall.

Miley Cyrus Twitter Photo

Since debuting the blonde pixie cut, Miley has been met with criticism (from Tyler the Creator and others) and support (from a similar-looking Ellen DeGeneres and others), but she's remained resolute in her view of the new look.

"My dad Billy Ray Cyrus used to tell me, 'opinions are are like a**holes --everybody has one.' LOVE my hair. Feel so happy, pretty, and free," she wrote a couple days ago.

Browse through our collection of Miley Cyrus Twit pics now and sound off: What do you think of the outfit above?


Hey Miley Cyrus I know you have some kind of thing with your look is gone wild. Years ago you said on a show that You have Image that stands out that not want be ruined over time you have change that it seem be falling wrong way it is time ti regain it back and show fans that make mistake doing wrong thing. Just like your dad said years ago I have image that stand out. You better think what you want to do with your life if want achieve something in like a true fan that cares see you do what it takes, you know where find me Miley just have the trust in people.


Doesn't anyone edit these comments? Thought this was for commenting on the Miley Cyrus photo? Not bashing each other? Delete those StayStrong comments. Now for the reason we're suppose to be posting... Miley always looks great, but I think she's better than that than posting pics of her in her bra. Not lovin her new style although I do think she looks cute with her hair. I just love her better with longer hair.


can the horrid sloppy cccuunnt EVER quit staring at herself?-what a complete self absorbed hideous spawn-seriously Smelly-you don't look that good-you look like a poser dike with very bad taste-the most nauseating part is that she is so vain-she has to be THE WORST tween role model EVER-her Dad and Disney created this horrid manster by telling her the world revolved around her while they pimped her out for their own monetary gain-now because of twitter the world is plagued with a vain disgusting freak-she needs to have that phone slapped out of her hand and a good bee-yotch slap for her as well and then sent of to the Peace Corps or something-her behavior is rancid


POSER. You nothing but a washed up wanna be, Liam is a moron.


girls dress like this ALL THE TIME. Shes NOT 16 anymore, shes 18 and can do whatever the hell she wants. Take a look at the girls who walk down the street, theyre ALL wearing bandeaus and similar tops under sheer/slightly see through tops. and thats a BIKINI top to the person who posted about keeping lingerie in the bedroom. Shes wearing more clothes here than she would on the beach. There are more important things to whine about than an 18 year olds hair cut and bikini top


She should keep the lingerie to the bedroom!


Yes, indeed. Let her be a kid. She's having fun--nice. Only thing, someone needs to tell her that her makeup looks terrible. I didn't even recognize her cute face!! Drawn in dark eyebrows like Grandmas do--tons of the wrong color red lipstick, so she looks like a clown. :( Hope this helps..ellos quieren que jugar. Santana--Let the Children Play : ) haha peace


Miley has alot growing up to do. She is still a kid with a wild hair up her -ss. Let her be a kid.


StayStrong....this is nuts! I've not directed any comments to you! Trolls abound here must have written under other's usernames! Bet Matt hasn't written either! You might wanna have yourself checked for paranoia. Just a thought!



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