Michelle Obama Depicted as Slave on Spanish Magazine Cover: WTH?!?

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Fuera de Serie, a Spanish magazine, has sparked controversy with its new cover depicting Michelle Obama as a 19th Century French slave. Seriously.

The First Lady of the United States' face is superimposed over "Portrait d'une négresse," a famous painting by French artist Marie-Guillemine Benoist.

The painting from 1800 depicted a female French slave in a headdress and white gown, one breast exposed. Now Michelle Obama is shown as such:

Michelle Obama Topless Slave Cover

The painting was finished just six years after France's abolition of slavery and has been regarded by art historians as a commentary on both sexism and racism.

Not surprisingly, the image has many critics in the U.S. and Europe wondering if the cover was designed to be more provocative than political ... ya think?!

For its part, the magazine lauds Michelle Obama as the "gran mujer" (great woman) behind her powerful husband. An excerpt of the cover story reads:

"In the shadow of the U.S. President is a person whose popularity ratings exceed those of Barack’s own. This person is none other than his wife Michelle."

"To find out how Michelle has managed to seduce the American people, [we] detail the secrets of a woman who has won [America's hearts]."

Many believe it smacks of racism and reinforces the historical denial of black female individuality, but artist Karine Percheron-Daniels stands by it.

In fact, she thinks Michelle would "love" the picture and would love to show it to Mrs. Obama one day. We wouldn't hold our breath if we were Karine.

What do you think of this Michelle Obama cover?


They should have put Michelle on the cover of the National Geographic magazine with no top and with tube socks for breast.


I am deleting this photo from my newsfeed. I will not share it as I feel that it is offensive, and will not contribute to its distribution... it was a sensationalist move and the artist is looking for notoriety. And, yes, let's put Ann Romney on the cover in this "portrait"and see what happens!!! It's also plagiarism, as far as I am concerned.


Art is supposed to be controversial and make u think. That is it's purpose. Or it may have been done for morbid curiosity to get ppl's attention. There are other leaders depicted the same way- using art.
Btw, am not white!


Well then EXTREMELY inappropriate. Like peach said let them do it to their figures. I just find it really irritating that our first blk first woman is on a cover of a mag looking like a slave with her boob hanging out and if they did it to Sophia we wouldn't be having this discussion but they aren't using any of their figures to do this only American and one English who is dead which makes it more despicable. Maybe they should throw Ann Romney up there too and see how well it bodes with their Mormon morals. I don't think mitt would appreciate it just like any husband wouldn't.


@ROR You are an ignorant racist. Maybe you should be on the cover of a KKK magazine. By the way I am white.


The cover of the magazine is completely wrong. Even if the article inside is flattering the magazine should be ashamed of themselves for making The First Lady of the United States a slave.


They shoukd have put Michelle on a national geographic as one of those africans who are with no top and have tube socks for breasts.


Aparantly Chely this is who they plan to show later, so you may see a male president hiding his package... "According to Clutch Magazine, the cover is part of a series depicting famous people nude and also features Princess Diana, Abraham Lincoln, and even Michelle’s husband, Barack Obama. Defending her controversial image, French/English artist Karine Percheron-Daniels claims it gives the viewer a glimpse in to an “alternative unexpected reality� letting us “view famous individuals in a different way.� Once again I don't think it should be our concern if they show Lincoln or Obama.(Or Sofia's boob hanging out)


@WVPeach I know it would be crazy! Complete and total chaos. Lol


im beginning to think mexico likes us just a bit more, than say, iran, or syria.....they love our jobs (what jobs!), and our community services, only to refuse to learn english, the lauguage of the land, and to continure to fly the mexican flag, ounce they are here....so many are being overly aggressive asking to stay here. makes me want to say,...NO!! why invite angry people? not. true. they could have used their own "lady" (what a joke) for the pic. but, american is here to crap upon....so...

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