Michaele and Tareq Salahi: Divorce Finalized!

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Michaele and Tareq Salahi are both officially free to go about their lives nailing rock stars, crashing White House parties, desperately seeking fame and so on.

They're divorced.

Tareq announced (and made a huge spectacle of the fact) that he would divorce Michele last September after she ran off with Journey's Neal Schon.

A Virginia judge signed the divorce decree yesterday, making Michaele and Tareq's split official. All their assets have been divided and accounted for.

Michaele and Tareq Salahi Picture

After Michaele ditched him without notice in 2011, Tareq subsequently sued for $50 million, claiming Neal hijacked his wife and humiliated him too.

He claimed that Schon emailing a photo of his junk, combined with the loss of future revenue from reality shows, entitled him to that sum. Right.

The lawsuit is now settled as well as the divorce, Tareq says: "I do wish Michaele the best and now I can focus on my race for governor of Virginia."

He's serious, and since that state limits its chief exec to one term, the job is his for the taking in 2014 if he wants it ... and idiots vote for him.

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im happy they are not together to be honest i know he is happy now i know him personly. he is great guy and i know will get an amazing girl to treat him right if he hasnt allready


Don't be celebrating too soon. There is still one BIG bump in the road to this couple's bliss called Ava. Wonder how much he will have to shell out to make her go away. A word of advice Neal...."Prenup".


good to hear, we have all been rooting for Michaele & Neal for a long time
the exs sure were worked up with hate eh?


yep, she finally has enough money to shop till she drops.
be honest: WHAT ELSE?


T was another d-bag. No one cares,you are a loser!! Good luck to M at least she is free!! Enjoy life girl!!


1] She's a fame whore 2] She's unfaithful 3] When her MS becomes an issue Schon will dump her and she'll be on her own and possibly homeless.