Michael Strahan: Rumored Kelly Ripa Co-Host!

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Regis Philbin certainly left behind big shoes to fill, so it's appropriate that the rumored front-runner to replace him has some mighty large feet.

Former N.Y. Giants defensive end Michael Strahan will join Kelly Ripa as her co-host on Live! early next month, according to numerous reports.

The football star and TV personality, 40, has joined Ripa numerous times as guest host (see below, with Magic Mike's Channing Tatum this year):

Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa's co-host will be revealed on-air September 4.

Nick Lachey, Neil Patrick Harris and 57 other guest hosts have stepped since Regis bowed out last year; Seth Meyers was rumored to be in line for the full-time gig.

The rumor going around is that it will be Strahan, however, after he impressed Ripa and execs with his previous guest hosting duties in recent months.

Strahan played 15 NFL seasons, all with New York, setting the single-season sack record and retiring following the Giants' epic Super Bowl XLII victory.

What do you think? Live with Kelly and Michael?


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A wonderful choice. I watch the show when he is on and I really like him a lot. A bubbly person and so so nice. Way to go!!! He is truly the best of the rest of the ones that were on.


joenamherst,you're right. Its basically affirmitive action for the hollywood world.They ARE trying to pander and make themselves look 'progressive'.You can hardly pick up a magazine,turn on the tv or movies without the liberal,guiltridden,leftist media trying to push,promote and shove interracial (white female/black male)unions in your face.Its gotten worse since Obozo got elected.The white guys who tried out were more qualified to co-host the show but lost out to a gap-toothed moron who struggles to execute a sentence and be competent.Not much different then the qualified white dude getting passed over for the unqualified minority.


I think Super Bowl XLII Champion Michael Strahan is good, I perfer Mark Consuelos could make a better husband and wife team on Live.


I like Michael. He is an excellent choice! Why complaint that they played the political correctness card? Should I complaint that a Hispanic co-host or a woman was not chosen?


Very disappointed with their choice....I won't be watching the show much. I find Michael Strahan boring. I wish they had picked Josh Groban, He has a better rapor with Kelly. He also would have brought his musicality to the show..which would have been a plus...not just another sports figure please.....


You might have known that they would pick a black. Ufortunately they played their political correctness card. They might as well have picked Starless Jones or the annoying Sherry Shepherd.




No! No! No! Please pick Nick lachey .. I won't watch it if Nick Lachey not on..
Kelly & Nick. YES YES YES so pick Nick Lachey...


.........jeff probst & zac ephron would be great hosts as well. But again, I think josh groban would be my pick.....but keep in mind, the new LONG TERM PERMANANT cohost is someone kelly has to deal with everyday face to face, not us! :)


No. Liked him as a ballplayer but he's constantly stepping on Kelly's lines. This guy will kill the show. Is Gellman still trying to get his wife to host the show? Trying to undermine Kelly? Seems like it. I also flip to one of the 200+ channels when Strahan is on.

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