Megan Lochte Goes on Racist Rant Against Asians

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In London this month, Ryan Lochte made serious waves in the pool. And he may do so again as ABC's next Bachelor.

But the star athlete's sister made waves of a very different kind during an interview on a Maryland radio station this week, dropping racial epithet after racial epithet against the Chinese.

"China was chinked out," she said on a show titled Closing Time. "Everything. Chinks. There was only chinks everywhere... You know how stereotypically they always want to take pictures, they take pictures of everything -- chink chink ... is that where it comes from?"

The host tried to jump in and suggested Megan change her word choice, but this only served to inspire more ridicule.

"'Chink'?" Megan asked. "But like it fits them 'cause they're like 'chink' [pantomines]."

Lochte concluded the rant by lumping Japanese and Chinese citizen together, saying: "They're whatever we want them to be, they're Asian."

Does that mean Megan Lochte can be whatever we want her to be? Have at it, readers!

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she gives all typical ameicans the bad name we get. and she's proud of it!


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Everytime megan lochte thinks back about this, she will feel deep waves of shame and guilt. Congrats megan, you revealed yourself as a raging racist and your brother a suspect closet racist too.


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bangersmash....go F yourself.....eurotrash ????


wht chicks are bigger racists then white men are they just better at hiding it.Guess what though
you'd be mad Megan if you knew how many of YOUR boys have been eating off the asian menu if you get my drift:)
Yup,you are losing many wht dudes to us and get ready to be bitter,wah,wah lol Blossom


Why is it that Asians cannot drive? Plus they pronounce their R as L and vice versa..
"fa ra ra ra ra- ra ra ra ra" or
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@ Sharted

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She hates asians (especially asian women) because she knows she cannot keep her white guys' dongs out of us-true story
She is a jealous xenophobe hater


Just a racist wannabe and never was riding on her brother's coat tails.


Megan L is retarded and has serious mental development issues. Plus she is racist.