Matt Bomer as Christian Grey: First (Fake) Look!

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People's dreams of seeing Matt Bomer in Fifty Shades of Grey may still be realized, but this EW cover making the online rounds is nothing but a fake.

A pretty convincing, seductive fake!

The image, showing the White Collar star's blue eyes and flawless face, was leaked to the web with the headline "Fifty Shades of Grey: The Wait is Over" ...

Matt Bomer as Christian Grey

"Matt Bomer talks about changing the white collar for a grey tie," the fan-made cover continues, implying that Bomer locked down the role of Christian Grey.

Casting for the movie role of the mysterious billionaire with an affinity for bondage / S&M has become a spectator sport for fans of E.L. James' bestseller.

Filmmakers confirm that Bomer's casting is just wishful thinking, though.

Dana Brunetti, one of the co-producers of the big screen adaptation, said on Twitter: "All of the rumors on #FiftyShades are just that - rumors. No one has been cast in any role."

"We have to get a writer and director first."

Bomer has been a fan favorite for Grey for a while now, but Bret Easton Ellis (who made no secret of wanting to adapt the saga before being dropped from consideration), said the notion of casting openly gay Bomer is ludicrous.

You tell us: Would Matt Bomer be a good Christian Grey?


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Matt Boomer is definetly Mr. Grey.


Come on now Matt Bomer is THE choice for CG role, no doubts. Isn't there straight actors portraying gay characters on screen? So why can't gay actor be considered for straight man role? I know Matt is gay who cares???!!!! I still fantasize about him!!! He is an amazing actor and I wont watch 50 shades of grey if they won't cast him for this role!!!!


Matt Bomer has that "fifty shades of fucked-up" look in his eyes. He is a perfect fit!


When I see Christian Grey, I see Matt Bomer BUT he is gay, so I am afraid the sexual and romantic compatibility would be lacking :(


I think Tyler Lee Hoechlin fits as Christian Grey - physically and how his gorgeous eyes talk - let's not forget his beautiful body.


Elizabeth Olson would be perfect


Matt Bomer is gorgeous but my heart is on Ian somerhalder. And I agree Ana Steele should be played by an unknown..


Pick Matt Bomer already!! Everyone knows he is absolutely perfect for this role!! NO ONE ELSE SUITS THIS ROLE BUT MATT!!!


Fifty Shades Of Grey wont be the same if Matt Bomer doesnt play Christian Grey.


HE IS PERFECTT!! whenever i am reading fifty all i see is him as CG! All we need now is his Ana (Hopefully someone unknown)