Man Accuses Girlfriend of Affair After Seeing Mitt Romney Pic on Facebook Wall, Gets Arrested

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Lowell Turpin confronted his girlfriend, allegedly with violence, over an alleged affair he felt she was having with a handsome man on Facebook.

The man Crystal Gray befriended - and whose photo was on her page - was actually presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Suspicious that his live-in girlfriend was having an affair, the Tennessee man spotted the photo of an unknown guy and quickly became irate.

Lowell Turpin Mug Shot

A flustered Turpin, 40, “angrily demanded to know who the male was,” reported Anderson County (Tenn.) Sheriff’s Department investigators.

Gray, 38, “replied that it was a picture of Mitt Romney.”

Despite being informed that the man on Gray’s wall is the GOP candidate for President, and has 2,904,374 other friends, Turpin was not placated.

Gray said that her boyfriend “became upset because she was attempting to communicate with friends through her Facebook account.”

In a subsequent tussle over the laptop, Gray’s hand was injured as she unsuccessfully tried to stop Turpin form smashing the computer.

Gray told deputies that Turpin, pictured in the above mug shot, also punched her in the face during the encounter, which he denies.

In any case, he's in jail, and Romney sure is handsome.


It strikes me as very funny all the laelbs thrown on GOP candidates. If I had to guess, Romney doesn't consider himself conservative, moderate or anything of that sort. I think he sees himself as a very moral person, who truly lives by the rule of law (therefore making a great executive) and has the ability to solve challenges with integrity in tact and a proper understanding of the intention of the Constitution to guide him. And I am more than comfortable with Romney because of what I feel, is this attitude towards politics.


@Say it so...I know how you feel... Same thing been happening to me and someone else I know if you know what I mean.


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AND this is the type of hick licker that goes to vote and instead of voting for Obama, just checks "any white guy running for pres..." "EF the policy. Just gimme a white republican that likes oil, guns, and beer yeehaw"


Had this guy been dead for three days by the time this mugshot was taken? Looks kinda puffy ...


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Obama 2012!

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