Lunch Lady Fined For Giving Away Free Meals

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Angela Prattis, a school lunch worker in Pennsylvania, is facing a fine of $600 per DAY ... for giving away free meals to needy kids. Say what now?

In the Toby Farms community of Chester Township, Pa., Prattis provides as many as 60 kids with boxed lunches as part of a subsidized program.

The program takes place during the summer, when schools that often provide needy kids with much-appreciated breakfasts and lunches are closed.

So what's the problem?

Officials say lunch lady Prattis did not obtain an ordinance variance which Chester officials maintain she needs to conduct such charitable activities.

The price of such a permit? $1,000.

Despite the fact that the meals are administered by the state department of education and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, she's still violating town law.

Not that the lunch lady plans on closing up shop.

“I’m not stopping. These kids are hungry. I’m not tearing down the community. I’m keeping the children out of harm’s way," she said.

"Last Friday, I had 20 children walk to my house in the pouring rain for lunch, and at 2 pm they came back for a snack. Tell me this program is not needed.”

It seems as though the lunch lady’s fine is a tale of municipality bureaucracy gone wild, but Bill Pisarek, the Chester Township business manager, explains:

“Basically the property is in an R3 residential zone ... We’re not here to go after her, to hurt her, take money from her or to prevent her from feeding kids.”

The lunch lady says that, until she has a chance to appeal the fine or ordinance fee, she plans to keep feeding needy kids lunch. Bless her heart.


Oh my good. It is a True history in USA country?????????


Its ashame how much food is wasted as by law we are required to throw food away today we threw out 3 pans of lasagna, a whole pan of cheese bread sticks and other by law we are required to have alot out for kids but as school lunch time barely gives kids even time to eat atleast in the highschools that I know of so far tons of food is getting wasted while others starve its really sad

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God bless you Madame; your love shines through despite adversity. :-)


god bless this woman and the kids she is feeding.


This lady is amazing.


God bless this woman!!


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Beautiful beautiful story. I literally almost teared up! As a teacher in an urban area I have experienced firsthand how much these children probably need it! God bless her heart. And Matt up above? Go fucking kill yourself. No one will miss a racist pig like you.


Why is it when sweet, loving, generous people show acts of kindness some asinine law gets in the way? Hopefully, they'll smarten up & find a loophole or just amend such a ridiculous law. What a lovely, wonderful lady!!


God Bless her. What a beautiful lady.