Lindsay Lohan: Prime Suspect in New Burglary Case!

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Lindsay Lohan is back in surprisingly familiar territory as the prime suspect in a criminal investigation ... oh how we only wish we were kidding.

The troubled star is formally a suspect in the theft of $100,000 worth of watches and sunglasses from an L.A. home this month, TMZ reports.

LiLo was recently at the Hollywood Hills home of Sam Magid, who called the LAPD and reported a jewelry theft the night after an all-night party.

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The 26-year-old star has been at the house frequently, including at the all-night house party a week ago Sunday when Magid reported the crime.

Lindsay and her assistant Gavin Doyle are both suspects in the theft, with earlier reports suggesting that Lohan may have invited the robbers in.

Now it appears she's being fingered as the crook herself.

There's an odd twist, though, in that Magid has since recanted his story and now says nothing was stolen. Police aren't closing the investigation, however.

Officials believe independent witnesses can corroborate their belief that Lindsay and Gavin are the thieves and bring charges even without Magid.

It's not clear why the wealthy Magid would change his story.

LAPD detectives contacted lawyers for Lindsay Lohan and Gavin Doyle today, asking for an interview with the two suspects; the request was denied.

Lindsay, of course, is already on probation for a similar offense - her alleged jewelry heist from a store last year. An arrest here would look very, very bad.



Say it ain't so. Is she robbing close friends these days? Maybe Magid is lying about the theft, he did recant his story. If it is true I don't believe she will do anytime because she has money. I know if I did all the things she did I would still be locked up behind bars. Paris Hilton got away with a lot of SHIT TOO!!!!!!!!!! This really pisses me and a lot of people off.


The ***** looks 2 secs from an OD, can she just get it over with its the only how she can make a come back.


Oh good grief leave the girl alone already. Yes she's had her fair share of legal issues and just because of this supposed theft which is suddenly no longer thought to be be a case of theft seems like someone just wanted to stir up trouble for her or some kind of ploy to call attention to her and her past legal issues. It's foolish that people just can't seem to leave her alone, let her continue to put her life back on track. No one is perfect and no one should pass judgment on her either.


Why on earth is sshe stealing things? Does she not have enough money saved from her movies (what few there are these days)and everything else that has paid her?I guess she has expensive hobbies. That or her stage-mother mom and her class-act father have taken huge chunks of it.


Hollywood people are always have something new to broadcast , either good or bad...I just read & listen ..can't keep up ..lilo, she just being a young lady and not fully grown ,i don't think she realize these things yet, that's all I can say.....


Would someone please do her a favor and lock her up and throw away the key? She's a menace to society.


this family is dangerous,but they will go away unlike the KKKs.i'm sorry good riddance to bad rubbish.her dad is already down,mom stays "up" because another daughter is hanging.right?it's sad,but i have a hard time caring.


Why do these so called hollywood people keep inviting her into their homes. Has no one read a paper or watched the news concerning this person????? You reap what you sew and if you want anything stolen it appears all you need to do is invite her in. Idiots


Is this worn out ball-licking, cum swallowing cunt in the news again?


She will get out of it like she always does.

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