Lindsay Lohan Accused of Trashing Vintage Elizabeth Taylor Trailer

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Another day, another Lindsay Lohan controversy.

This time, the 26-year-old walking nightmare is being accused of trashing a vintage 38-foot trailer once belonging to the legendary Elizabeth Taylor herself.

Wait ... what?

Lindsay Lohan Elizabeth Taylor Photo

According to CNN, Taylor fan Angel Alger bought the lavish 38-foot travel trailer, where Taylor's romance with Richard Burton began, for $50,000 in June.

However, due to previous contracts, Alger was obligated to allow the use of Taylor's trailer for the Lifetime film Liz & Dick, starring Lohan, for two days.

When the trailer was given back to Alger, there was an estimated damage of over $100,000 from cigarette burns, broken mirrors and missing furniture.

Yup, sounds about right.

"I was specifically told that it would come back in pristine condition and in even better condition than it was at that time," she said of the vandalism.

Alger adds, "Only a psychotic and rebellious person or people would steal irreplaceable museum belongings and leave it in this vandalized condition."

Yup, sounds about right too.

Lindsay's rep Steve Honig slams the idea that his client, a huge fan of Taylor, would do such a thing, saying, "You should ask the producers about it."

It does seem hard to believe LiLo would do that, or stiff a hotel out of $46,000, or steal $100,000 in valuables from a guy's house, or rob a jewelry store, or crash into an 18-wheeler and lie about it, or pass out so hard people call 911, or ...


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The real question is why the hell is this bitch still a working actress in Hollywood?


It makes sense if one is a drug addict -alcoholic or both.


Why Nads? Because she is a selfish, lazy, pampered cunt who doesn't give a shit about other people's feelings or belongings and thinks she can get away with anything because she is a celebrity - albiet a washed-up, has been of a celebrity.


Shes so pathetic! F*** embarrassing! She has no shame. Train wreck white trash!


This bitch is pathetic, how may chances do you give someone. She is a Shit actor a Shit person and omg so over her. Fuck stop writing about her oh and Kim. Please they have done nothing but be self absorbed pathetic wast of space. What happen to class. Oh thats right thay are American.


I am starting to believe that these people are out to trash her...I am not saying she is innocent, but come on why would she do that if she is trying to get her life back...


i love my self

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