Liberty Ross to Rupert Sanders: Stay Away from Kristen Stewart!

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Liberty Ross is laying down the professional gauntlet to her husband - and, really, can you blame her?

According to Radar Online sources, the wife of Rupert Sanders may actually stay with him - despite the scandalous photos that have emerged of the 41-year old embracing Kristen Stewart - but she has a few conditions in mind first, most notably:

"Liberty let it be known in no uncertain terms that Rupert can’t direct the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman,” says an insider, adding that the couple is trying to work things out, but Ross "doesn’t want him to ever work with Kristen again."

We ask once more: Can you blame her?!?

Liberty Ross Pic
Kristen Stewart in Red

Stewart is contractually obliged to star in the sequel, but the movie studio can (and almost definitely will) simply move on to a new director.

"He knows his actions were inexcusable, and he’s going to have to bite the bullet and listen to his wife on this one," the mole said of Sanders.

Kristen, of course, will be feeling the repercussions of her actions for a very long time, and now just in her personal life. Summit Entertainment has confirmed that Breaking Dawn Part 2 promotion will commence as planned this fall, meaning she'll often be out and about with Robert Pattinson.


I haven't seen the twilight movies. Just doesn't interest me. But I AM interested to see how Kristen and Rob interact during their movies promotional tour.


Since this is a gossip site, people are here for these stories. You certainly don't have to read them.


People need to move on this is just another story in a long line of unfaithful partners. It is what it is and no one should hold her in judgment unless you have a clean backyard and a untarnished pass. This is just a ploy in the acting world, I think it all was a set up from the get go.Promotion Promotion Promotion

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