Liberty Ross Outlines Reconciliation Plan for Rupert Sanders

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She may have recently been spotted without a wedding ring, but Liberty Ross is reportedly willing to give her marriage another chance.

Provided Rupert Sanders follows a new set of rules, that is.

The estranged couple met up at their Hollywood Hills home on Friday and, according to Great Britain's The People, discussed a "five point plan" to save their relationship. It includes a re-worked pre-nuptial agreement to provide Ross with better terms in case things don't work out.

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Rupert Sanders at a Premiere

Liberty "would need Rupert to follow and sign" the documented guidelines "in order for her to consider dropping" her divorce request, a source tells the newspaper.

Would the cheating director be up for such a thing?

“Rupert’s desperate to patch things up so I’m sure he’d do anything," says the insider, adding that "no more depositions in the case are being taken while lawyers on both sides wait to see if [he] can meet the criteria."

What else is included? It's unclear. But earlier reports stated Ross was understandably adamant: Sanders it never to work with Kristen Stewart again.


Maybe the wife needs a reality check. This man became infatuated with a young woman he was directing in a movie. What happens the ne next time when he gets roving eyes and a midlife crises. Everyone seems to blame kristen but come on people. Shes in her twentiers hes in his forties. Who really should have known better????? Put that scarlet letter where it belongs....on ruperts forehead


It is so sexist that Kristen is getting all the public hatred and this guy is getting let off lightly in the press. because he is less famous? he is a lot older and looks like she caved in to his advances, he wore her down...and if it's true they didn't sleep together which I'm inclined to believe, this type of thing has happened a million times before to other people but it's kept secret. Maybe life was going her way too much and she needed to screw it up. We have all done that at least once! Rupurt is the questionable character in this saga.


she is willing to try the job of prostitute for now?


I agree with above post. Furthermore, I'm hard pressed to believe Liberty signed a prenup as she had far more to lose financially when they married. If anyone signed a prenup, it was Rupert.


Bit confused as to how a British publication about a British married couple would be talking in such detail about a reworked pre nup contract when pre nups contracts are not that clearly recognised in the UK ??? (test cases have been won but still not seen with same certainty to hold up as in USA). I know they seem to live in the USA now but assume they were married in the UK (and a pre nup comes from a before marriage agreement) where pre nups are not common practice.

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