LeAnn Rimes Suffers Emotional Breakdown; Lawyer Decries "Merciless, Vitriolic" Cyber-Bullying

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We just learned that LeAnn Rimes is in treatment for anxiety and stress a few hours ago, but apparently it was a long time coming for the country star.

She was, and is, embroiled in a battle that is draining her emotionally.

No, not against Brandi Glanville. LeAnn Rimes feels she has become a victim of severe bullying online and is trying to turn the tables on her detractors.

The 30-year-old has accumulated a ton of offensive Tweets written about her, among a circle of private individuals and is exploring her legal options.

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"There has been this cyber-bullying that has been going on for a considerable period of time," her lawyer Larry Stein told Celebuzz in an interview.

"Apparently, most of this started when LeAnn started dating Eddie Cibrian," he said. "These women have been merciless ... vitriolic in their attacks."

"They don't understand who she is or who she stands for." 

Why LeAnn simply doesn't delete her Twitter or stop reading the @ mentions is an open question, but as for the bullies, these Twitter users are no joke.

There is an actual @blockedbyleann Twitter handle, which calls itself the "official #blockedbyleann fan club" and tracks Rimes' "imminent meltdown."

There's also the Curious Case of LeAnn Rimes blog (lunaticleannrimes on blogspot) and Rumors are flying that a Twitter feud pushed Rimes over the edge.

LeAnn came under heavy scrutiny when she and Eddie Cibrian - both married at the time - had an affair that ultimately led to their own marriage last year.

She and Brandi have feuded publicly on Twitter, and she's battled critics of her actions and body image on a regular basis over the past two years.

While there have been rumors that Eddie cheated and triggered her downward spiral, the more credible reports say she suffered an emotional breakdown.

Her attorney's corroboration of the bullying accusations certainly suggests that played a role as well, even if the specifics are hard to come by.

Some may say she brought it upon herself with infidelity and then engaging with haters on Twitter; others may see Rimes as a victim of truly ruthless individuals and unable to fully escape the backlash due to her celebrity. Both arguments have merit.

What exactly prompted her to check into a treatment facility is probably something only LeAnn knows, but hopefully it's a positive experience for her.

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I don't have a twitter account but can't she block people who are bullying her? You don't have to read other's tweets to you if you don't want to......is that correct?


Girlfriend...ya' perfectly nailed it dead on the head...Leann does seek people out to argue with on Twitter. As in...24/7!!!!! Leann is such an attention-hungry HO!!!!!


Leann you are a very talented young woman. You have the most beautiful voice of any singer. Please get well soon.


All she did was advertise her wedding and her personal life on the internet. Surprised big ed is sticking it out. Get back to being the country music star and role model you used to be. Over and out

Kellie m

Unless someone is cyber stalking her she doesn't have a legal leg to stand on. Personally I hope she just goes away...and never comes back. And while she's at it...take the KarTRASHians with her.


LeAnn SEEKS PEOPLE OUT to argue with on twitter. She clearly has problems, but I doubt they're from strangers on twitter. Also, what about negative media coverage that is far more reaching. No problem with that?


She's not perfect and nobody on here or on her Tweeter is perfect. Shame on all of those who think they are.


BFD..so dont go on twitter if you can't take anything less than idolatry.
Ppl lived and continue to live pretty happy lives without such a useless vain form of media . $10 says she's back on drugs, anorexia etc and this is just a bs decoy.


Well, that's what happens when you cheat. Your prize is a lifetime of suspicion and worry. She is gifted and needs to focus on something that improves her life and insecurities. Haters gonna hate, cheaters gonna cheat.


Stop all this negativity. We don't want any more hate mail regarding anybody. Charity begins at home.

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