Lady Gaga Bodyguard TAKES DOWN Fan: Watch Now!

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Attention, Lady Gaga fans ... even if you mean no harm, do not go charging at her at full speed asking for autographs unless you want to eat cement.

In Bucharest, Romania, one found this out the hard way.

Mother Monster was walking through her hotel when an excited fan rushed her and got DROPPED by her bodyguard in about two seconds.

Guy definitely earned his paycheck this week:

Lady Gaga was walking calmly and admiring her many fans, waving and saying hello, but recoiled when she saw the man lunging out of nowhere.

Maybe she thought it was PETA coming at her.

In any case, after the prompt takedown, the overzealous fan was kicked out of the hotel and the singer went about her sure-to-be controversial day.


crazy gaganoski and yo bodyguard,evil staff,mxm.


If Romania was to continue to be Communist this stupid gaganoski never ever touch that land, now because seventh-day adventists PIGS murdered the President Nicolaie Ceausescu to evangelize Romania can come a rotten gagaonski the junk like adventists with their Prostitutes woman.


It's a Criminal assault against a Fan. Gaga walks with Pig Bastards¡


That wasn't a fan.


Oh please that wasn't a fan. That was obviously one of those annoying & obnoxious autograph guys who was gonna sell that shit on eBay. Her new bodyguards may be assholes to fans a lot, but thank god in this case.


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