Kristen Stewart: Unshowered, Inconsolable, Heartbroken Over Robert Pattinson Split

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She may have the support of at least one friend, but Kristen Stewart is not taking her alleged split with Robert Pattinson very well.

Kristen Stewart at a Press Conference

The actress is reportedly crashing at producer Giovanni Agnelli's home after her ex-boyfriend asked her to move out, and an insider tells Radar Online that Stewart is acting like a "heartbroken teenager" over the break-up.

"She is crying her eyes out non-stop and does not want to communicate with anyone," the source claims.

And while Pattinson has been driven to drinking, according to another report, Stewart has been driven to doing absolutely nothing ever since her affair with Rupert Sanders became public knowledge.

"She is pretty much inconsolable," adds this mole. "Kristen hasn't showered or changed or washed her hair in several days. She is laying around in her T-shirt and shorts and eating ice cream. She really wants to believe that she can win back Rob, but I think deep down she knows that isn't the case."

Pattinson is yet to make a public statement on the situation, while Stewart has not been heard from since her statement/apology the day this scandalous news broke.

Both are expected to attend the MTV Video Music Awards next month, however, and are even scheduled to present together. We somehow doubt this will actually take place.

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homewrecker!!!! How do you think those poor kids feel?


I know she did wrong but rob you are there to love her u have to forgive her and show that you care and you love her and you will see that she will change only for you cuz u r her true lover and just think of turning the other cheack


first of all she's not a good actor ! she's emotionless in all her movies ! secondly , she's just sorry she got caught ! cause if the pics came out way after she cheated , why didn't she tell him before ? ! cause she's not sorry ! Rob can do WAY better than her ! I say he doesn't forgive her , he's doing a good job by ignoring her ! I guess she had started showing her true colors in twilight , when she told Jacob " Kiss Me " & being engaged to Edward !


kristen why you did this.its so so hearting..not only both of them but all ur fans are effected. and rob plz.. i believe she wont repeat she got her lesson. forgive her..


and people wonder why white women have the reputation that they do.The weak ones- any wind can blow them, they are beginning to be an embarrassment. no wonder young white guys are looking to the Asian persuasion. If I was 23, they wouldn't be my 1st choice.


i sitll like her in movies, but what she did was really bad and Rob shouldn't forgive her


I feel bad for everyone affected by this. It shocked me to hear of Kristen's mistake, but who doesn't make mistakes. I hope if they trully love each other they can work things out. I understand trust will be a big issue but faith can always help out. Be strong, Rob and Kristen, whatever paths your lives take.


Close your legs to married men and take a shower, you smelly little homewrecker.


it is so weird that ones so afraid of their personal lives being infringed on that either one would do such a hideous thing. I just think their is a plot behind all of this hub bub. Hopefully we will get to the bottom of this thing before it has gone to far and their is no turning back. This what ever it is will take a toll on both of their lives.However if their is any sort of love between these two I hope it comes to light before it ruins their careers.


Sorry, she was old enough to know better. I could almost understand a kiss, or even a one-timer, but this went on for months. And with an old dude. She must have some sort of problem to do this, and Rob should make sure she's mentally stable before he forgives her for this. I can't imagine she's too healthy to have an affair with a married man, old enough to be her father.

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