Kristen Stewart: Out of Snow White and the Huntsman Sequel?

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Her affair with Rupert Sanders has already taken a toll on her personal life, as Kristen Stewart finds herself reportedly single, unshowered and generally depressed.

But a new report reveals a major professional consequence: the actress has been dropped from any subsequent Snow White and the Huntsman sequels.

Kristen Stewart as Snow White

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a follow-up to this summer hit - if there is one - will now focus on Chris Hemsworth's Huntsman instead of the beloved fairy tale character Stewart brought to life on the big screen.

Though unconfirmed, it's likely Sanders will return to direct the film.

The original grossed nearly $400 million worldwide and Universal had strongly been considering plans for a sequel. In this same article, a spokesperson simply tells the trade that the "studio is currently exploring options to continue the franchise."

This move is likely to generate a great deal of controversy, especially if Sanders really is behind the camera for the sequel.

Would an actor have been fired for having an affair? How can there be justification for letting Stewart go and not the married man who cheated on his wife? Sound off now, THGers: Is it fair to give Stewart the boot from Snow White?

UPDATE: Says the studio in a new statement: "We are extremely proud of 'Snow White and the Huntsman' and we're currently exploring all options to continue the franchise. Any reports that Kristen Stewart has been dropped are false."


I think all they should be concerned about is making the movie and who should be best for the part and nothing for nothing but Rupert was in his 40s trying to make the movies on a young girl yuck she was wrong but he didn't make himself look good he had a family his kids must look at him differently he should be ashamed just like Kristen is soon messed up


Rupert is the one who should be held accountable he is married with kids. Kristian is single and only 22, which one of us hasn't made a mistake at that age or any age? The star is the box office draw NOT the director. Can we say Rupert who?


I am upset with Kristen for hurting rob but I think Rupert should of been booted too this isn't right makes no sense he did wrong too why is when women do wrong we're horrible but when guys do wrong they get a pay on the back not cool


So she likes a little strange once in a while she's a millionaire she can do what she wants. She has no children
For gods sake marriage in tinsel town is a facade half the time her ex is probably gay anyways. He'll have a boyfriend in no time.


well i know one movie she will play a part in thats twilight part 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kristen Steward is a slut! Her and the director should be both fired! In every interview I saw her, she was always pretending to be so shy and a sweet heart. But it was just acting, trying to show to the public she was an angel. Reality she is that Kristen is a slut! Jodie Foster is defending her because Jodie Foster is a lesbian and is in love with her. Whatever!!


That low life Rupert Sanders should Go !
Why Kristen was the one to be fired, that low
life Rupert must GO ! There are many talented
directors in our country , why import a foreign low life ?


Because of all this she lost the one guy that means a lot to her its no fair that she gets kicked off and the director gets to stay.


It's not fair that she was dropped from any future sequel that may be filmed. What happened wasn't solely her fault he was involved as well. If anyone should go it should be him. What happens in an actors personal life is separate from their professional life even if it did involve someone such as him. She should be allowed to continue on, while he can go on to do something that doesn't involve Kristen. What a shame that she won't be a sequel.


I will not see the sequel if she not in it!!!


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