Kristen Stewart: Out of Snow White and the Huntsman Sequel?

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Her affair with Rupert Sanders has already taken a toll on her personal life, as Kristen Stewart finds herself reportedly single, unshowered and generally depressed.

But a new report reveals a major professional consequence: the actress has been dropped from any subsequent Snow White and the Huntsman sequels.

Kristen Stewart as Snow White

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a follow-up to this summer hit - if there is one - will now focus on Chris Hemsworth's Huntsman instead of the beloved fairy tale character Stewart brought to life on the big screen.

Though unconfirmed, it's likely Sanders will return to direct the film.

The original grossed nearly $400 million worldwide and Universal had strongly been considering plans for a sequel. In this same article, a spokesperson simply tells the trade that the "studio is currently exploring options to continue the franchise."

This move is likely to generate a great deal of controversy, especially if Sanders really is behind the camera for the sequel.

Would an actor have been fired for having an affair? How can there be justification for letting Stewart go and not the married man who cheated on his wife? Sound off now, THGers: Is it fair to give Stewart the boot from Snow White?

UPDATE: Says the studio in a new statement: "We are extremely proud of 'Snow White and the Huntsman' and we're currently exploring all options to continue the franchise. Any reports that Kristen Stewart has been dropped are false."


This is bull****! Sanders is more at fault for this than Stewart yet she is bounced and he is allowed back. For some reason the woman is tagged as a sl**, but the guy is allowed to slide. Sanders should be pulled off everything. This is another instance of a guy with power swaying an impressionable young woman. This kind of crap has been happening in Hollywood from the beginning of the silent movies. The men get away with it and the women are condemned. Enough is enough! People need to send in letters, texts, and emails to the producers of The Huntsman demanding that Sanders be given the boot.


why are people against Steward? she is not married. she did not swear ´for better for worst´ with any man. the blame is on the Man that cheated on his wife and kids. why are we blamming the wrong person? is it bcos Steward is a woman? pls men, grow up and tell urselves the truth. The man cheated on his wife


My heart is broken!


That Rupert Sanders should have known better and he being the director, thinking with the power he had towards Kristen and she being so young and dumb, she should have known better too. He's a married man with two small children, he should be castrated ! Yes, it takes two to tango and yes shit happens, these two have to pick up the pieces. But to fire Kristen and keeping that creep, that's just not right ! I hope Kristen will find solace. My heart goes the Liberty and her two small children. Shame on you UNIVERSAL !


What the hell happend anyways!?!?! A kiss?? What's wrong with that? Get over it!!!


now we know why thr public breakage up


Doesn't matter if it happened in her personal life, they are right for dropping her. Just by her continuing to be a part of the franchise could jeopardize it on it's own. People tend to look at things that support(not directly) such things as cheating as something bad. Therefore it would lose a large chunk of whatever fanbase it has obtained. At least that's how I see it. I mean, no parents are gonna want their kid to be influenced by someone that goes around cheating on a loyal partner. I'm not saying Sanders is innocent or anything.


It's her personal life, and the director is a married man with children, so why is she being shunned for this more than he is? And besides, I'm sure Robert Pattinson has done his share of cheating, too. They usually do. She isn't married to Mr. Pattinson as yet. She's only 22 years old. She's young to be tied down, and this is often what happens in such cases.


What she did is scandalous & I feel sorry for Robert Pattinson. I have never cared for her as an actor (just my opinion), BUT come one, is the directors career ruined also?? He is just as responsible & he has not suffered professionally, it is a double standard. I think it is ridiculous.


@Jay dnt call her a slut. & I'm a drama student so wen things like this happen, an actor or actress can get black listed meaning that word spreads to directors about u, therefore not putting u in any movies:( I jst wish her the best and the family of the stupid guy who "cares about his wife & kids soo much"


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