Kristen Stewart: Out of Snow White and the Huntsman Sequel?

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Her affair with Rupert Sanders has already taken a toll on her personal life, as Kristen Stewart finds herself reportedly single, unshowered and generally depressed.

But a new report reveals a major professional consequence: the actress has been dropped from any subsequent Snow White and the Huntsman sequels.

Kristen Stewart as Snow White

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a follow-up to this summer hit - if there is one - will now focus on Chris Hemsworth's Huntsman instead of the beloved fairy tale character Stewart brought to life on the big screen.

Though unconfirmed, it's likely Sanders will return to direct the film.

The original grossed nearly $400 million worldwide and Universal had strongly been considering plans for a sequel. In this same article, a spokesperson simply tells the trade that the "studio is currently exploring options to continue the franchise."

This move is likely to generate a great deal of controversy, especially if Sanders really is behind the camera for the sequel.

Would an actor have been fired for having an affair? How can there be justification for letting Stewart go and not the married man who cheated on his wife? Sound off now, THGers: Is it fair to give Stewart the boot from Snow White?

UPDATE: Says the studio in a new statement: "We are extremely proud of 'Snow White and the Huntsman' and we're currently exploring all options to continue the franchise. Any reports that Kristen Stewart has been dropped are false."


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If Kristen Stewart is not hired back for the sequel and he is, then people (especially women), should boycott the movie! Period! This is such a classic double standard against women. I am very angry that all the blame is falling on her shoulders (not that she is blameless because she isn't). He is twice her age, married, in a position of power, and knows better! Period!!! I very much doubt she wants to work with him again but that is not the point!!!! I hope she sues them for discrimination and wins!!!!! GO TEAM STEWART!


She doesn't deserve any kind of loyalty.


He is the married person here. She knew he was married so that's is not right either, but between the two, he cheated. She is a single person, even if she has a boyfriend. Just a boyfriend, nothing legal there.


really kristen can act yeah the same way in every movie ,but the hollywood double standards suck. for example a guy can cheat on his wife with someone else an all is well it's a guy thing, a actress can do the same oh she should have known better. some can get their careers back on track while others lose steam an can never regain their former glory. maybe as i have said after this she should take a step back take time for herself an get her life in order before it all comes crashing down an she gets into something she should not. she seems to be really responsible an really stressed right now but who could blame her ,she for some reason seems to be the only person involved in this to be taking the fall.


This is SUCH a typical "Double Standard" of Hollywood studios. If a women gets caught kissing another man (other than her boyfriend) she gets tossed out of two films (Cali and Snow White in Kristen's case)....yet if a man cheats in Hollywood there are no ramifications. (Brad Pitt, for one example!) C'mon Hollywood! No matter what fans or so-called "haters" of Kristen may say, for all women's sakes we have to have an equal standard. I for one will boycott those films she is pulled from to support equality for women.


And that scum bag Rupert, he needs to be castrated !!!!
Shame on you, UNIVERSAL !!! That scum bag needs to pack up and go !!!


Just like Monica Lewinsky still suffers pariah fall out with her affair with Clinton, while he goes about making hundreds of thousands from speaking engagements, Rupert gets forgiven and Kristin gets dumped, and that's wrong.


Ok ,..We all know MEN CHEAT .....It's a fact. . So he used the movie to make a move on Kristin . I hope Rupert 's wife has some sense of sanity and drop that scum bucket . If he cheated once he will again . Unless of course his wife does not mind him going after girls younger than her . I saw a clip of his wife with a huge cross around her neck..Honey get real...your hubby is a sack of s....t ...movies are just that ..but a cheating husband is for ever .
I really hope Kristin and Ron can work things out , but ..I doubt that will happen unless he can forgive her ,
Good luck Kristin ....and as for Rupert .he was the lion after the lamb !


Shame on you Sanders ! You're a married man with two small children ! My heart goes to Liberty Ross and her two small children . This man should be given the boot, pronto !!!! It's NOT fair that all faults are given to Kristen, and to Rob - I hope you will find that LOVE is all what matters the most. And Kristen I hope you'll find solacement and learn that mistakes happen in life, and we learn from our mistakes to be a better person.


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