Kristen Stewart Confirms Return to Red Carpet

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Robert Pattinson came out of hiding on multiple occasions this week, first sitting across from Jon Stewart and eating ice cream; and then telling Good Morning America that his personal life isn't for sale.

But when will the world catch its next glimpse at Kristen Stewart? We appear to have an answer.

The Toronto Film Festival announced yesterday that it would hold a special screening of On the Road, the big screen adaption of Jack Kerouac's classic novel that stars Stewart as Marylou, and...

"Kristen will be there," a source tells E! News.

The date of this presentation will be revealed on August 21.

Meanwhile, insiders also say Stewart is peeved that she is receiving so much blame for her affair with Rupert Sanders. He's nearly two decades older than her, after all, is married and held a position of power in their relationship (as her director).

How could he possibly be invited back for the Snow White sequel and not her?!?

It's not a totally irrational point, is it?


I don't think its fair how everyone is treating Kristen. The producer got what he wanted and she gets the total blame.
He's the one the everyone should be angry at. He is much older an married with two children.
Kristen is a good person that made a big mistake. No one is perfect. We learn from our mistakes. Rob please give her another chance. her mistakes made her realize just how much she loves you. I hope you can get past this and get on with your life with her. You are a GREAT couple.


Kristen hang in their.. If Rob is to truly be your he get his head out of tabloids and listen to his heart and not his friends. He is not trashing you so that a good sign give him time keep your head up high. Don't hide. Its been bad so it can only get better. If you love someone set it free if it comes back its meet to be. this is that case.. All this has not made me like you less.. I will still be at Breaking Dawn #2 and keeping the faith for you and rob and for Edward and Bella...They say man who lives in glass house should not go nude...I mean throw stones..remember that haters if you are not god, only he is prefect


just keep your head up god with you and robert belong together i hope youll found your way back be strong kristen i no you are dont give up on him i love youll both


First, let me say: I like Kristen Stuart, but get real. She's 22 years old, not 14. She knows he's married and worked along side his wife. As for Rupert Sanders, he's married with two kids. Clearly, Kristen and Sanders are both wrong. They got caught and have to deal with the fallout. What's done in the dark will come out in the light. 'Nuff said.


This shall pass to KStew hold your head up and stay strong,because if it don't break you it will only make you stronger. You have a nation of supporter backing you and Rob.


If Robert really and truly loved Kristin deep in his heart , love will find a way, but it seems to me he is using what Kristin did , no sex....if that is the cause with scum bag Rupert who is ugly as mud by the way .. Just to get some free time to run do his own thing for a time. By the way who is Robert staying with again right now ?? A Woman .
Good going Robert ...I say don,t call the kettle black if you have been up to no good ..when your heart is suppose to be broken !!! I loved Twilight sasa movies but I am done with them .


What Kristen did was not right but I don't think she should be punished for it forever. What Rupert did was the worst of the two. He had a wife and kids and tried to seduce a young actress who he did have some control over as for as her career goes anyway. I too think that she looked uncomfortable in the pictures. And without sex, sorry, but a little make-out session just isn't that bad. The magazines that bought the pictures and blew it all out of proportion should really be ashamed of their part in all this. If she was coerced or felt she was, this is even worse. I think that Rob should start the process of forgiving her so they can work on their relationship. I really feel that they love each other. I understand Rob's embarrassment over the whole deal but people will forget this, Rob, when the next scandal is printed(or what is made up about someone else). Let's give Kristen and Rob a chance. This means that I need to stop reading all these comments and commenting myself!


Agree with Alice, did he put her in this position because he was her "boss". And I dont feel that it was an "affair" if there was no SEX! it looked like kissing and cuddling and that could have been because of the movie. After all, Rupert's wife has said that it was SHE in the car NOT Kristen!!!!


Kstew lift your head up high, all of this will pass.


Kstew u r perfect.WE love u

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