Kristen Stewart BFF Tweets Best Wishes, Support to Sullen Star

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Many Twihards may not want to hear it, especially when Robert Pattinson is rumored to be hitting the bottle extra hard these days, but Kristen Stewart is in rough shape.

Multiple sources confirm the actress is torn apart by her affair, the pain from which was evident in her initial public apology.

The Kristen Stewart Smirk

But while most Robsten supporters likely believe Kristen deserves everything she's feeling and experiencing, at least one friend remains in her corner.

Actress Scout Taylor Compton, with whom Stewart has been close for years, Tweeted the following messages this week:

please understand i support, care, and love my friends like you all do with yours, but also understand privacy should always be respected... wish i could take people's pain away. THAT would be my superpower... its a pain and hurt that will never be erased.

Do you care, Twilight Saga fans? Do you feel any pity at all for Stewart and the mistakes she has made? Or do you feel as if no punishment could be harsh enough for the woman who drove Robert Pattinson to despair?

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Poor Rob Pattison.I feel for the guy this SLUT Kristen Stewhore probably screwed black guys on the side as well.So in addition to being hurt he has to wonder if this dumb whore gave him an STD and multiple VD from the downlow brothas.


This would get NO way nearly all this attention if she had been dating someone other than golden boy Rob. You Rob fans and Nonsten fans are just eating this shit! Glad Kristen has Scout and many, many others championing her through this ordeal. They need a g.n.o....go get smashed and laugh a lot together! Screw Rob if he can't be a man and go get his woman and forgive he has blue balls cause we all know they belong together. Screw all the nasty public opinions...just jealous haters. Stay strong Kristen! To be honest I wish she had cheated with Garrett Hedlund....way sexier than Rob!


she is broken up r u kiddin me y didnt she think bout wat it wuld do 2 her relationship when every1 found out and the worst thing bout it is tat she wasnt the one tat told him he had to read bout it just like everyone else. according to her he is the guy she luvs and respect the most but where was the respect and luv when she was hookin up wit a married man.


I feel sorry for the children and hope they can get back together if possible, and if not, work out an amicable settlement and custody.


Give it a rest people! Kristen talk to Rob and find out what's going to happen. Shut everyone out especialy the media. You deserve to be forgiven and Rob deserves to be happy. It's your call.


Kristen has to live with knowing she hurt and lost someone she loves. That's enough punishment right there.


She's 22 years old for God's sake. Give her a brake!


I love twilight, and to be honest i know she deserves this. She thinks because she is a celebrity she can do as she pleases and be with how ever many people she pleases and she thinks she can get away with it.
She should know better.She should have known what kind of effect this would have.


Kristen Stewart is the poster girl for how the white girls treat their men these days,sad but true.Rob should move on w/either an asian woman or a sister like me.We know how to treat a man,,,, oh yeah and pleasure one !! ciao


Have you ever done anything wrong? Anything that you would be embarrassed for other people to know about? Now put yourself in Kristen's shoes. You just fucked up big time and the whole world is dumping on you. Compassion maybe? Think about it.

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