Kristen Stewart BFF Tweets Best Wishes, Support to Sullen Star

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Many Twihards may not want to hear it, especially when Robert Pattinson is rumored to be hitting the bottle extra hard these days, but Kristen Stewart is in rough shape.

Multiple sources confirm the actress is torn apart by her affair, the pain from which was evident in her initial public apology.

The Kristen Stewart Smirk

But while most Robsten supporters likely believe Kristen deserves everything she's feeling and experiencing, at least one friend remains in her corner.

Actress Scout Taylor Compton, with whom Stewart has been close for years, Tweeted the following messages this week:

please understand i support, care, and love my friends like you all do with yours, but also understand privacy should always be respected... wish i could take people's pain away. THAT would be my superpower... its a pain and hurt that will never be erased.

Do you care, Twilight Saga fans? Do you feel any pity at all for Stewart and the mistakes she has made? Or do you feel as if no punishment could be harsh enough for the woman who drove Robert Pattinson to despair?

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this is for WTF- WE don't know what you are talking about. You must of dated a downlow brotha by the way,who gave you VD and this is your way of venting, because that has nothing to do with rob/ kristen. P.S why did it have to be a brotha, you're sounding kind of racist and I am offended by your statement toward blacks(myself included)


I hope you guys can solve all this but first rob you should recover from all of this and kristen i love u and all but u should of thought in the man who loves u and what damage u could of done but life goes on i love u both wish u gut the best xoxoxoxo


Rob should move on. It's very hard in the beginning but he'll get over her. Not only did she cheat on him but she cheated with a married-father of two , 40+ cheater. Hey! She gave it to Rupert and he took it. Rupert should not give up in saving his marriage. There are two kids involved. However, Rob doesn't have a family with Kristen. Seriously, Rob should run for the hills! This to shall past. OMG" and those photos of her w/Rupert...hard for Rob. RUN, ROB, RUN. Forget your broken heart and maintain your DIGNITY....


stop blaming. she is already in pain.of course she deserve this. but what is next.. i cant see both of these two lovely guys apart in pain . come back together.. plz.. i hope rob will overcome..


She intended to screw over Robert Pattinson all along. That is why she tried so hard to keep their relationship a secret. She wasn't that private when she was dating Michael Angarano.


Number 1: KRISTEN SUCKS I think that she has seriously lost it
I mean what is wrong with her she clearly can't see that she is just such an idiot


I love them all, pls Rob, lets bygones be bygones. Give urself time to heal en think over ur decision. You love ur girl, just forgive her.


People, she made a mistake. Her personal life should not be in question. Also, it takes two, and Rupert knew what he was doing. Her life is not a Twilight Fairytale. This is also not a publicity stunt.


I'm 100%sure that no one knows Kristen personally.
For the person who said that Kristen thinks that she can do whatever she pleases,you don't know what is in her head.
It's an unfortunate situation any way that it is spinned,and as humans,we're interested in and comment on others'lives.
She made her bed


@WTF,there's something wrong with black men?
You're acting like having sex with a black man is about the most disgraceful,disgusting,and horrid things that one could ever do.
As for the "down-low brothas"comment,there are closeted homosexuals of every culture,race,ethnic group,etc.
You're an idiot

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