Kris Jenner Gets Drunk, Flashes Camera

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Move over, Kim Kardashian. You're not the only one in your family who can go around flashing your cleavage.

During a night out Friday with Khloe Kardashian and Nicole Richie, the 56-year old apparently threw back one too many margaritas, donning a sombrero along with her two guests and then writing TWITTER OR TITTER?? as the caption to the following photo:

Kris Jenner Cleavage

Tweeted Khloe in response to her mother's shenanigans: And that's with a reduction! Damn shawty! Is it wrong to take advantage of your drunk mother????

Jenner claimed on Saturday that she was hacked, to which her daugher replied: How are you hacked when you are posing for your own pictures???? LOL drunkie.

Isn't this family just downright adorable and hilarious?!?

Let's just hope the sight of Kris' breasts don't give Kanye West any future album cover ideas.


This moron is really a big ugly Whore....OMG i just can't stomach her or her family....Please all of you idiots GO AWAY.....UGH.....she doesn't realize how ridiculous she looks. ACT YOUR FRIGIN AGE A..hole.....ewwwww


You only have one Life to live you ROCK MOMMY JENNER.... FUCK THEM HATERS HAVE FUN


They're all low class prostitutes, jezebels.


**luv da kardashians** You need to learn how to spell, your as much of a dick as that idiotic family of sluts
Oh and for the record we have a right to our opinions too


All dirty hoes


Obviously the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


no wonder the daughters are hoodrats ! look at thier mother ! & she swears she's classy . she swears she's young as well ! act like a mother ( if she can be called that ) GROW UP OLD LADY ! ! ! !! !


"Isn't this family just downright adorable and hilarious?!?" Are you kidding me? She shows zero class and is trashy.!


U would think she had more class. Guess not.


Omg!!! Crazy!!! Kris sure seems to know how to have fun. Sum ppl now a days jus act like they gt a stick up their ass!! Im all bout livin life to da fullest n im sure all them do to. For all da haterz...sry but as long as they gt fans, they always gna be brought up or talkd bout. Dnt like dem, fine then jus dnt open their pages up! Duh!

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