Kris Jenner Gets Drunk, Flashes Camera

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Move over, Kim Kardashian. You're not the only one in your family who can go around flashing your cleavage.

During a night out Friday with Khloe Kardashian and Nicole Richie, the 56-year old apparently threw back one too many margaritas, donning a sombrero along with her two guests and then writing TWITTER OR TITTER?? as the caption to the following photo:

Kris Jenner Cleavage

Tweeted Khloe in response to her mother's shenanigans: And that's with a reduction! Damn shawty! Is it wrong to take advantage of your drunk mother????

Jenner claimed on Saturday that she was hacked, to which her daugher replied: How are you hacked when you are posing for your own pictures???? LOL drunkie.

Isn't this family just downright adorable and hilarious?!?

Let's just hope the sight of Kris' breasts don't give Kanye West any future album cover ideas.


Why r these f'n people famous? They do nothing!!! Don't u work hard for everything u have and resent aholes like that!! People of America have some class and stop defending and admiring trash like this!!!


Yes, she does have it, even at her age. Let's face it, we saw the face lift on TV and obviously she is showing the "other" work she had done. You would look that good, too.


she can flaunt all she wants,I think she still got it at her age.


To: Say it as it is You need to learn how to spell too. It's "you're" (as much as a dick as that idiotic family of sluts)
NOT your.


Nothing wrong with Kris that a little discretion won't cure. Being a older woman I am all for having fun even discreet sex with other men but I do not openly do so all over town out of respect for my husband & children.


All of you negative people are nothing but a bunch of hypocritical idiots. youre all jealous that you cant and dont have what they have. all of you would do the same if you could and build an empire off your name. dont say you wouldnt either cuz that would be nothing but a lie. there is nothing wrong with them having some fun. just because you.become a grandmother doesnt mean your life has to be all about riding on a Rascal and changing your own diapers.


This womans need for attention knows no bounds. Very sad


Bwahahaaaaaa, I don't think she realize that one, we'll just find out , what she feels in the next day, I bet she'll feel embarassed thou...that's what you get when you're drunk........


She is drunk. Cant really judge how she ACTS when she is intoxicated getting that way is different. And those of u who haven't gotten drunk judge all u want but most have


Grow up, Kris. You are a grandmother for God's sake. Maybe your daughters learned their morals from you. What kind of example are you setting?

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