Kourtney Kardashian Birth: Would You Watch?

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Kourtney Kardashian gave birth to Penelope Scotland Disick on July 8.

Us Weekly has photos of the one-month old to prove it.

But apparently the love and joy of having a second child - along with the six figures she raked in for posing with Penelope on the cover of a tabloid - aren't enough for Kourtney. She says she may share the event with the world. Yes, we're serious...

Kourtney Kardashian Twit Picture

If you think this photo of Kourtney Kardashian is wild...

"We haven't decided if we'll show this birth on TV," Kardashian says in that same issue of Us Weekly. "But Scott taped footage, and some other people were recording too."

Would E! really let this happen? Would viewers want it to happen? Try to hold down your lunch and sound off now:

Would you watch Kourtney Kardashian give birth?


Ewwww! So gross. I don't really know why anyone would tape it. That's way too private IMO. Wanting the public to view it is just crazy.


Fuck no!


C'mon!! What is WRONG with these people?? Is there no end to their severe lack of morals?? Not one damn one of them seems to have a shred of class or integrity. She already sold out Mason's birth, who the hell wants to see her birthing another one??? Get over yourself Kourtney..keep your video private. Your embarassing yourself & don't even realize it.


They showed her giving birth to Mason on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, even when she reached down and pulled him out herself. Unless she's talking about showing something different, it's just like what she did for her first child.


Birth is a private family thing. Not to show on TV. But of course they show every other damn thing so they think its normal. These people need to learn that some things arent for public viewing and this is definitely one of them jeez


WTF is wrong with people?! Seriously, who would ever want to see this? I am so fucking sick and tired of this fame-seeking money grubbing family of skanks. Just shut the hell up and go away already.


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