Kirk Cameron on Todd Akin: I Respect Him!

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Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin is facing criticism and calls to drop out after his shocking remarks about rape this week, but he has at least one supporter left:

Kirk Cameron.

Akin, who opposes abortion even for rape victims, said women are very unlikely to become pregnant from rape anyway, because “if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down.”

Many national Republicans, including presidential and vice presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, distanced themselves from Akin. Not Kirk.


Cameron, who's made headlines for calling homosexuality destructive to society, and who also questions evolution, does know about media firestorms.

On CNN this morning, he said Akin merely "mis-phrased something and that he apologized and that [Akin] is clearly a pro-life advocate and I respect him."

Currently a member of Congress, Akin released a statement after the interview saying he “misspoke,” but hasn’t backed away from his remarks.

Despite calls on Akin to get out of the close U.S. Senate race in Missouri, so far he’s staying in, with Cameron saying he supports that decision.

“I’m the kind of person that believes that I would like to be evaluated by my entire career and my entire life, not two words that I would misspeak and then later apologize for,” Cameron told CNN. “So he’s in a tough spot.”

Well, if it were only "legitimate rape," maybe he'd have a case - as in he misspoke and meant a legitimately proven rape, not just a false accusation.

The female body has ways to shut it down, though? Tougher to explain away ... or take seriously anyone who thinks that's remotely the case.

What do you think: Should Akin drop out?


Stay out of my uterus Mr Politician. Why do they hate women so much?


@amber, sounds to md like your friends needs a new doctor! That's ridiculous. Personally, I'm glad we have a choice. This should be a woman's choice, not the worlds.


@Amber, you're full of shit. No one would be incorrectly told THREE times that each pregnancy consisted of a fetus with trisomy 21. Anyway, what does your fairy tale have to do with anything? Kirk, we don't all subscribe to you and your laughable literal interpretation of the bible. So just go away. And take Ray Comfort with you. Todd Akin may want to think about coming along, as well.


My friend has three children. During each pregnancy she was told her baby would have down's syndrome. All three time she was encouraged to abort, but refused. All three of her children were born perfectly normal. No health issues at all. Three very bright children. Imagine if she had aborted them....


I agree with Kirt that one statement shouldn't ruin your life. Everyone has one of days. I have not followed the Akin comments, but I am a proud pro-life person, and feel that adoption is always an alternative. I don't know how anyone could live with themselves knowing they killed their baby, especially those who were not raped.


Excuse me. From previous:
"But sometimes it's just the best choice for the health and well-being of the mother."
Rape is not even almost the only reason we need the option of abortion for women.


Who cares what Mike Seaver thinks?

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