Kim Kardashian: Yes, I'm a Perfect Bitch!

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Kim Kardashian is many things: an attention-hogging reality star. A sex tape maven. A total waste of large breasts and oxygen.

But Kanye West has found a new way to describe his girlfriend to the world: as the Perfect Bitch.

In a Tweet (that has since been deleted for some reason), the rapper said this week that he wrote that track about Kardashian, a tidbit Kim is now wearing as a badge of honor.

Kim Kardashian Twitter Picture

"I'm honored," Kardashian has supposedly said in response to the song, with a friend telling TMZ Kim loves it because she "knows he doesn't mean it in a negative way when he says the word 'bitch.'"

Kardashian adds that the song is flattering because it talks "about how he was with so many other girls but could never find the right one until he met me."

And now? Kanye may put a ring on his bitch, if Kim will let him, that is.

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All that comments on this are white and you stick shut the fuck up and eat some garlic smoother in shit


She loves her man and is confident. If she isn't offended then no one else should be, good for them!


We'll if she so damn perfect, why sex it up with every men in the world? Also, why think that being called a bitch, is perfect? Lol! How dumd can she be lol!


OMG She looks sooooooo homily in this picture..ewww What a douche bag....Seriously what is wrong with her and he WIGGA FAMILY????? UGH


Wonder if there's such a thing as a perfect Ho!?!


Ok and he couldn't call it "Finding the perfect woman" or something other than "bitch". It shows the amount of respect she has for herself when he calls her a "bitch" regardless of wether he means it in a negative way or not. But if the shoes fits...wear it BITCH!


Wow. Who else would take that as a compliment? If my boyfriend wrote a song about me called Perfect Bitch, I would break up with that dick in an instant! (sorry for the language :P)


Need more "colorful"
words to describe her...


For the love of God stop covering these whores, and yes, being called a bitch IS an insult but look how Black Culture is infesting our society.