Kim Kardashian: The Bathing Suit Showdown!

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Kim Kardashian did something crazy this weekend.

No, she didn't tell her intern to stop posting on Twitter or Facebook. Nor did she spend time with Kanye West without first alerting the paparazzi to their whereabouts.

Instead, the reality star - who has posed in a certain type of swimwear so often that we've dedicated an entire album to Kim Kardashian bikini photos - went strolling on the beach in... a one-piece!

She published the look on Instagram, of course, because that's just what she does. But this means readers can now compare the two styles and decide which is best on Kim:

And the Winner is?

VERY important question, Kim Kardashian fans: Do you like this reality star better in a bikini or a one-piece bathing suit? View Poll »


In my opinion,that butt loooks like a that to hold Kanye's drinks?!?!?!


She looks like a fat ass whore in both photos.


Omg I wish this fat ass would give it a rest and get a life. She really is a joke.


Should have her stylish add longer hair extensions to cover up that gigantic and disproportioned huge ass of hers. Her ass is so huge in the black suit photo that it looks like a caricature. Regardless of the suit, she’s still a sleaze. Tell us what beach it is so we can steer clear of polluted water.


Didn't you mean she strolled around the beach in a one piece? Either way, ick!


Pretty is as pretty does. In people and horses. That's what my Scottish grandma always said.


gross now the water's infected


Lol... She looks real fat.


wow she makes a one suit look sexy!


Kim ia beautiful, she looks good in anything.

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