Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Deal: Brokered by Kris Jenner?

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For whatever (hilarious) reason, the Kim Kardashian sex tape is back in the news.

A new Star Magazine report swears Kris Jenner played an integral role in the release of her daughter's naked video with Ray J in 2007, as an insider tells the tabloid:

"Kris was totally involved in arranging the sale of Kim's tape... The video already existed, and Kris was there every step of the way as a middleman brought in to market it to an adult entertainment company."

Both Kris and Kim, of course, have long denied any role in the release of Kim Kardashian: Superstar, with the latter whining as recently as last year that the incident filled her with shame.

However, this insider is adamant:

"I saw Kris Jenner's signature on the contract; I believe she got somewhere between $250,000 and $500,000 for the original deal with the middleman."

Overall, when it comes to Jenner, the mole holds nothing back:

"Everything she does in this world, every decision she makes on her daughters' behalf, is based on greed and publicity. And has nothing to do with her family's stability or happiness."

In other breaking news today, the Pope is Catholic.

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its sad how people like this get famous for laying on their back.
makes me sick
no one G.A.F about the "kardashian's lives" until this video came out. they are so boring.
its ridiculous


KIM KIM KIM please let them be. Bsyds she there making it while u here making noise.....


Let the kardashians be please.


The KockROACH family must be hurting for cash. Sure, they make a lot, but probably spend just as much. Notice how they recycle everything? This is just to bring notice to the pig's porn tape to generate more cash.


And yes Victoria im talking " Bout chyou. " Haha


I hate when people don't use proper English. You don't seem cool... You come off as a poser!!!!! POSER POSER!!!


oh god no, not again *sigh*


sO wHaT wHo CaReS


How sadly hilarious !!!


Is anyone surprised? this woman wishes she was Kim and lives her life through her. What kind of mother goes to nightclubs with her daughters? She swears in front of her grandchild, she signs her daughter for nude photos in Playboy. SHe will stop at nothing for money. This family is an abomination, the only thing important to them is money and will do anything immoral for it even get pissed on, publicity no matter how, they will stop at nothing to get it. I cannot wait for the divorce, I am sure we will learn alot more about them and hopefully people will stop to watch this garbage. Wake up people they don't care about you, you are 'Gullible imbeciles' that what is Kim as said in the past and we will know pretty soon. MB