Kim Kardashian Posts Bikini Pics, Insists: No Photoshop!

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Kim Kardashian posing in a bikini is not exactly newsworthy.

The busty reality star has done it so often that we actually have a Kim Kardashian bikini picture album. Click through it now and try to contain your drool, fellas.

But Kardashian's latest pair of Twit pics caught our attention because of her claim in the caption that they were taken and posted with "#nofilter #nophotoshop." Click on each now and judge for yourself:

Kim Kardashian on Twitter
Kim Kardashian Rocks a Bikini

Kim is seemingly all about proving how natural she is these days.

A couple weeks ago, she released yet another bathing suit-based photo and also told followers it was photoshop-free. Do you believe her? Do you care... about anything Kim Kardashian-related at all?


kim is a habitual liar, a whore, a con-woman, a spoiled fat diseased woman. i and many of us hope that our good kids do not take this family and kim seriously, if they do we will have lots of ego-maniac whores dating out of control alcoholics.... her claim to fame is a sex-video with another alcoholic loser!!!! she has lots of money but it has not bought her happiness, she must have std's and probably aids.... i feel sorry for her and her pathetic family...


You don't need photoshop if you can surgery. She's not natural, and it doesn't matter anyway; she's fat-assed and gross and a whore. It's a little sad she seeks validation this way. And gross.


I take a better pic and im fat


Why is every *no photoshop* picture that she tweets so dark?????? of course you dont need photoshop to hide the celulite and fat ass when you have dark lighting. She is an idiot and obviously insecure.


What Is Wrong With This Whore.


Nothing says "self centered" and "superficial" like telling the world that your pictures haven't been photoshopped.

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