Kim Kardashian Posts Bikini Pics, Insists: No Photoshop!

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Kim Kardashian posing in a bikini is not exactly newsworthy.

The busty reality star has done it so often that we actually have a Kim Kardashian bikini picture album. Click through it now and try to contain your drool, fellas.

But Kardashian's latest pair of Twit pics caught our attention because of her claim in the caption that they were taken and posted with "#nofilter #nophotoshop." Click on each now and judge for yourself:

  • Kim Kardashian on Twitter
  • Kim Kardashian Rocks a Bikini

Kim is seemingly all about proving how natural she is these days.

A couple weeks ago, she released yet another bathing suit-based photo and also told followers it was photoshop-free. Do you believe her? Do you care... about anything Kim Kardashian-related at all?

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booo kim sucks!


She's hot tho!


People........she is not real, natural etc. Natural is make-up free, beautiful with what you were born. Think about what she looks like without injections, extensions and oh yes......the facial and body hair.


Idk why she cares but she had her extensions put back in today...Kanye didnt like'em, so she removed them but I dont think she was getting as much attention so back in they went. She shouldnt let a man tell her what to do anyway...Kanye is so arrogant & lost alot of respect so maybe they do make a good couple.


I don't get what is so great with Kim's body. She has fake, and way "too" big, and has hips of a hippo. I'm so sick of hearing anything about that family. They are all so fake.


i want that body worship kim is so smoking hot i need to worship her 24/7


OMG, sex tape Kim is at it again with silly photo tweets of her disproportioned body. Guess giganto ass skank hoe is pissed because everyone’s watching the Olympics. Too bad for you Kim, there is no event in the Olympics for attention seeking fame whore...


She doesn't need photoshopping, I mean that b i t c h has under went enough plastic surgery to cover all the  flaws. That w h o r e is a walking talking plastic doll. Just lies about it and spill her bs by saying that she's real.


She is still a HO!!!


Jeez....what I don't understand is....who the heck puts on a bathing suit and then stands there and takes their own pictures???? Is she THAT hard up for attention all the time??? Wow!