Kim Kardashian or Kris Humphries: Who's to Blame for Divorce Drama?

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It's incredible, ridiculous and disgusting: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are STILL not divorced.

Yes, readers, these multi-millionaires continue to battle it out in court, with Humphries reportedly pressing for an annulment and attempting to prove Kardashian duped him into a doomed union; and Kim responding that her ex is simply petty and fame-hungry.

But while Team Kardashian has claimed its client has been pushing for a speedy legal split all along, an insider tells Radar that the reality star is stalling the process.

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"Scheduling depositions for Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner [has] been problematic, as both claim very chaotic schedules," says the source. "Kris has a right to prepare for trial, and the longer the Kardashian clan drag their feet in scheduling depositions, the longer this thing is going to go on. It's worth noting that Kris' deposition was completed almost two months ago."

In other words: if Kim wants this divorce to take place, why isn't she taking any proactive steps to make it happen? Why not just schedule her deposition?

Granted, she's been really busy these days posting important Twitter photos.

"Kris just wants the truth to come out and is dedicated to seeing this thing through," adds the mole. "He is in no rush and Kim's camp's threats of releasing hidden footage that makes him look bad and other absurd claims don't deter him."

Yes, both these people absolutely suck. But one shoulders more blame than the other for dragging out this drama. At whom do you point the finger?


They didn't get married in the CATHOLIC CHURCH so why is KRIS so bent on getting a ANNULMENT ...just because he is CATHOLIC... is he that STUPID that he doesn't think there is some people out here that is quite aware of what he is attempting to do here? (eyeroll) if your have been married in the Church will you need to get a (annulment) from the Church and yes, state why this annulment is needed .....but KRIS ...~your prolonging it put Kim out there in the news in attempts to destroy her and her family....DOES ANYONE CARE? NOPE~ now move on little man ~


Thank you Leslie


Kris humphries is definitely at fault. Now they are spinning the story to make him the victim as usual. Before Myla was heard of, Kris Humphries so called sources were saying that his lawyers would depose a lot of people from kanye, Amber Rose, Ryan Seacrest, Kim's one time publicist, Reggie Bush, and on and on and on. They must think we have forgotten all of this. What I cannot stand are people who play mindless games, trying to manipulate everyone else. It is an insult to all of our intelligence, and very dishonest!


Who r we to judge her? We didnt walk n her shoes. All u haters no is what shithead says. He is a total liar and a fraud. Look what he did to Myla. This guy doesnt care about anyone but himself.


Why is he pushing for bank statements, especially Kris Jenner? This idiot is grasping at everything and anything. He is trying to bully Kim. All Kim has to do is show footage of how much of a jerk this idiot really is and ppl will understand why she left him. All u haters out there, do u side w/shithead bcuz u hate Kim or do u side with him bcuz u think he has a legitimate case?




hmmm still married and sleeping with her new bo what kind of message is that to send to your lil girls???


they should all be in porn keeping in! the kardashians ho's hos all of them ho's they should all be banned from tv they have no morals at all better ban your kids from watching them is that how you want your girls grow up?


Recap: the new bride 'in love' brought the cameras on her 2 days honeymoon!! then after that came back with new husband to live with sister, boyfriend and baby WHAT NEW BRIDE IN LOVE DOES THAT? It was a wedding for the ratings and Kris is entitled to the truth to come out. It look like the honeymoon was orchestrated to prove that she was in love!! did not work!! Then why are they dragging their feet blaming schedules!! what are they afraid of? THey still have to show bank statements and the network have to provide unscripted shows... what are they concerned about. Kris is not worried about all of that even if he appears as a fool. They are the one to blame for the delay, if they want if finished soon.. they can!! MB


how many of ya think kris jenner dosent know if khloe is really a kardashin thats why the ho wanted that dna test so bad so she would know her self.................she is a ho!!!!!!

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