Kim Kardashian on Twitter: Look at My Breasts!

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Kim Kardashian has an important message for her Facebook and Twitter fans: look at my large breasts!

The reality star has posted a pair of new photos to her social networking account over the last couple days, and each gives men around the world a reason to continue following her. Two reasons, really...

Kim Kardashian at Work
Kim Kardashian, Snack Trays

Kardashian, who actually hopes for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame someday, has been posting self-portraits like it's her business this summer. Because, let's face it, this is her business.

Sometimes, she's just posing in a bikini. Other times, she's pretending to try on a wedding dress.

But every time she's making a ton of money off sponsors and followers who somehow think they are actually Kim's friend.


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Kim Kardashian on Twitter: Look at My Breasts!
I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw
Good luck!


First off could she be any bigger and how can one person be so self absorbed really!


Well I think even Daddy Jenner is ashamed of his family.....even so, all of the them are laughing all the way to the bank....I have never watched this show, but can't escape my co-workers talking about these/this
bimbo (s)....I did read that the Kardashians or at least one of them said their fans are idiots which I agree they must be to watch these bimbos; more proof that big tits & a pretty face will get you all the money your little bitty heart desires!


Love it how she first cries on her show saying that everybody probably thinks she can't do anything in her career or life but to pose naked and only take her clothes off. How retarded and contradicting is this little girl?


Maybe Kim and Octo Mom can do a porn together!!!


Oh fuck off you dumb bitch. I could rant and rave about this broad forever. She has nothing good to offer, she takes instead of giving. Wtf is this bitch even famous for besides her fat ass? Shes a useless talentless hack.. who only in it for fame and money. At least the majority of other celebrities actually have something to offer than "looks". Fuck shes a joke.




She takes herself waaaay too seriously. Hey THG if wanted to see her vain, self important pics everyday, Id follow her on twitter.


Kim ... you are beautiful and sexy, may you be happy always. amen


One day people will wake up and realize that they are gullible imbeciles (her words) and stop this unsanity. Can't wait for the divorce trial to find out more about their everyday dealings, it will be very interessing and that is why they keep delaying their depositions....they are concerned...they cannot find dirt on Kris to stick to him (the herpes girl is pathetic) I guess the Myla pregnancy joke was on them so they keep searching. I personally think that we will learn alot about them apart from what we already know and that is they are an abomination as a family. MB

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