Kim Kardashian on Kris Humphries: Manipulative! Vindictive! Petty! Fame-Hungry!

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Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries may never get divorced.

The former couple continued to battle in court yesterday, with all signs pointing to Humphries' legal team dragging out these proceedings for as long as possible in an attempt to prove Kim somehow defrauded him into marrying her... or to simply irritate the heck out of his estranged wife.

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Kris Humphries Topless

Kardashian, meanwhile, is allegedly telling friends she just wants her divorce finalized - NOT because she wants to marry Kanye West, but because Kris is a "cancer" she just wants to be rid of.

"Kris is the first person I ever had to break-up with and that f-cked with my emotions," Kim is supposedly telling friends, according to TMZ, going into detail about the pair's experience filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians together:

"He told our producers he would destroy my career and me if the show wasn't edited right."

But that strategy will "backfire" on Humphries, Kardashian says, if he keeps claiming she was to blame for their marriage falling apart.

She cites unaired footage from the E! series that is still out there and which depicts Kris as a "manipulative, vindictive, petty, fame-hungry jerk."

And, we can only presume Kim added, no way I'll let him beat me at my own game!

Whose side are you on in this divorce battle?


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Kim Kardashian on Kris Humphries: Manipulative! Vindictive! Petty! Fame-Hungry!
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The sex tape is smthn tht can happen to any1 at any tym, especially if u have a jerk as a bf, Have u nver dne a sex tape wt ur lover? Yes uuuu! Thn pray hard, tht it shldnt get out.


I blv dat kim and kris both dn't wnt 2 b 2getr ani more. So i c no reasn y u haters hate. If u lyk hate kris n if u lyk hate kim, it's up to u. Kim and kris am nt suprtin ani of u cos i dn't knw hw it al strtd so i should'nt b suprtn ani1 durin sepration tym.


Kim K is a disgrace to the human race.. No morals, ethics, values or self worth. But this is what the media define beauty as.. That KUNT is going to hell with gasoline draws on!! All that filth she gets it from her beastful like nature of what you call a mother.. Put all them BITCHES in straight jackets/patted cells.. N poor of a boy KANYE, you are define as desperate.. U will find out sooner than you think about that KUNT.. Baby, just look at her behaviors!!!! Poor!!


Jenny and dizzy. If u two feel this bully/manipulator is innocent, then u need counseing. He ia the ome dragging tjis out ovwr petty shit. If he doesnt like the outcome then he ahojldnt have aignwd tjw prwnup. He has turned himself nto the clown and the media is the circus sirrounding him.

Ms billie

Kris needs to grow up and stop being a big ass baby. I don't know what the hell Kim saw in this dumbass to begin with. He doesn't want the marriage anymore than she does and is doing everything he can to make her like miserable by not letting this divorce go through. Therefore Kris why can't you act like a man and take your ugly whinny ass on down the road. Maybe you'll find someone else that you can shower all your woos on and make their life miserable also. You're such a loser.


Kris is a Minnesota boy! Kim K. is disgusting enough to change a Minnesota Nice boy into something not so nice. Kim is sleazy. Kris can do better than that on his worst day!!


Im going to say it, all may not agree but here it goes. I think Kris had his own way of thinking, his own opinion, his moral standards, and he grew tired of the Reality Star, always putting seductive tweet picks, and going after fame and fortune. Her true colors were more than he could handle. She wants attention, and never acted like a wife. She kept everything, all the $$$$$, the way I see it, she filed for a divorce, he believed in making the marriage work. She is a beautiful woman, but she has no soul!! I pity the person she has turned out to be!!! Give her hell Kris!!!!


Kris is such an idiot. He proves he can't move on without Kim. Loser


Thia guy thinks his shit domt stink. Does he think he will come out on top? When the unaired footage is shown, the judge and everyone will see what kind of person he really is. Divorcimg him was one of the best things Kim ever did.

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