Kim Kardashian Makes Like Diana Ross

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Breaking news from Kim Kardashian today: The singer has posted a new photo online... and she's not wearing a bathing suit in it!

Taking a break from adding to her ongoing bikini collection, Kardashian published on her blog a shot of herself making like iconic singer Diana Ross.

It's a behind-the-scene image from a shoot Kim did with Hype Williams, and the reality star writes as a caption to the picture:

"Clyde Haygood and Joyce Bonelli glammed me up and we went for a fun, crazy look, channeling Diana Ross. Definitely a new look for me. Xo."

Kim Kardashian as Diana Ross

Why show off the wild hairstyle now? Perhaps to distract the public from a certain story about a certain threesome in which Kardashian is accused of engaging.

Take a close look at the wild afro now and respond: What do you think of the look?


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Kim just stop plz. Ur so into urself


Totally agree wit yajaira!! Omg fuckn haterz! Im a kardashian fan n always wil be. Kims hott n everybody knows it. All yal haterz shut da hell up amd get a damn life n stop lukn up theirs!


MORONS MORONS MORONS! If you don't like something QUIT SEEKING IT OUT! You are nothing but closet Kardashian LOVERS! You probably know MORE about them than their fans!

Avatar!?! Sorry but she looks like a transvestite......No offense to those who have chosen to live a certain lifesyle....but come on Kim!!! What does Kanye see in your stupid ass? Please we all want to know....serious question!


I agree with frank i did that when i was under ten maybe .You do have to grow up do you not?


Enough is enough this posting pictures of yourself in nothing some clothes stupid hair styles is ridiculous.Little that when they are LITTLE it is called dressup my two yearold used to do it TWO YEAR OLD.


dyahahahaha its kimmy the klown! good god she looks ridiculous...




She looks like a fuckin idiot.


Omg i swear all u guys are a bunch of haterz the way i see it is if u hate kim or the kardashian family so much why the hell do u even look at stuff about them.. Even wut this crazy pic of kim she still looks good...