Kim Kardashian Facebooks Photo of Kendall Jenner Topless

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So, Kendall Jenner wants to be the next Gisele Bundchen? This is one way to start.

Kim Kardashian has posted a photo of her half-sister to Facebook, a rather provocative photo at that, as Kim's 10.5 million followers are now privy to an image of Kendall appearing to be topless.

Oh, and did we mention that Jenner is 16 years old?

Kendall Jenner Topless

Jenner, of course, has made no secret of her desire to be a rich and famous model. She took some heat for posing in a string bikini at 14.

But at least that counts as clothing of some kind!

What do you think? Kendall Jenner posing topless is...


You ignorant B*tches, she is not topless, she has on a black dress, you stupid idiots jump on every false report with your hatred, when you look at some of these comments, it says more about you as people than anything that the kardashians can do, it is sad to know that there are so many mean, hateful bullies in the world, no wonder our kids have to put up with nasty little bullies, they are being raised by people like you. Sad and sick.


You people need to have a big seat with this self righteous bullsh*t, do you get upset when all the other 16 year old models take these type of pics, this is a pic that was taken at a photo shoot for a magazine, I guarantee that many of you that get on these sights with this judgemental sh*t probably are the worst, you probably have out of control kids that you cannot handle, they are probably rude, nasty and obnoxious but you find comfort in hiding behind a computer and making negative comments about a young girl that is pursuing her modeling career, stupid a** haters.


I honestly didnt think they get much lower but i was wrong, they just sunk to new all-time low. I dont say this too often abt people, but they are an evil family.


I seem to remember a few years ago when Kim was crying her false eyelashes off because some nude pics her older sister took of an underaged Kim almost got out.


What's next? Is someone gonna "leak" a sex tape of this girl one minute after she turns 18? This family is disgusting.


Dude she only 16yrs WHY!where bruce?kim should goin to jail for this posted under age nude


Did some1 ask where is bruce?? Bruce doesn't exist in this family, they lock him up in a room in the basement....literally, I mean figuratively.


I agree with ml total word for word and bruce if you love ur daughter step up and take control


Um, can't everyone else see the black shadow in the corner of her arm as well as the shadow on the bottom of her back. She aint topless, she's clearing wearing a low back top people.


This family is so disgusting. I really wish sites like this would stop giving them publicity.
Bruce seems like the only normal one in the family. I don't understand why he allows practically nude pics of his young daughters to be posted on the internet.

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