Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures: Take 72!

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We hope you're sitting down because you absolutely will not believe this: Kim Kardashian has posted bikini photos of herself on Twitter.

Crazy, we know! The reality star apparently just decided to give her followers a treat, expose some MAJOR cleavage and provide us with a look at her in a Hawaiian, high-waisted two-piece.

"Me Ke Aloha," Kim wrote underneath one of these images, a term that translates to "with love." Or is it with big boobs? We'll need to check the dictionary...

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  • New Kim Kardashian Bikini Pic

When not doing... ummm... whatever it is she does, Kardashian has been taking self-portraits of herself in a bathing suit all summer long and publishing them online.

Do you prefer her in a one-piece or a two-piece? What about the unique look seen here? What do you make of it?


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KEEP your clothes on you turdskin loving d_cksucker ho.


Kim is gorgeous, beautiful pics.


omg, her butt is ridiculous! thats like a big huge butt!


Its sad that Kim have All these haters. Kim keep doing what u do and tell them to kiss ur ass


These pics were taken in 2009 which is why she has a fresh face. The floral diaper bikini is NOT a good look on her or anyone for that matter. Why is she posting bikini pics every day? Don't she have other things to do? She's worse than Tila Tequila posting old half naked pics of herself on twitter everyday.


Haha! Wow its so hilarious does anybody else notices it besides me?!?!?.....she's getting fat that's why she's posing with her bikini shorts all the way up in the front...haha!


Ewwww...that saggy a$$ is NOT attravtive! Stop posting bikini shots of yourself online,Kim...time for you to grow up and act your age. Oh, and people are SO OVER YOU, so no cares!!!


Seriously, This woman needs intensive psychiatric treatment! Every day another bikini photo of those cement like boobs & massive ass. She is a narcissistic ego maniac. She's going to be 32 soon not 17. I guess when your claim to fame is a sex tape that you get pissed on by a coon, one has no shame. Grow up & get yourself some help. You are making an EVEN BIGGER ASS of yourself than your massive ass. And that is saying quite a bit!!!


What a narcissistic, egomaniac . . constantly posting photos of yourself / paying publicists to bombard the world with your image ad nauseam. If the Kardashians, Gaga and Rihanna would just go away with all their ongoing self promotion and just go on talent (or lack thereof), the world would be a better place. I guess when you are a desperate fame 'whore' with no talent, you are oblivious to the world being absolutely sick of you. How delusional some of these people are . . all to feed their ego! The dumbing down of America continues, sadly. Thanks to the people who support / watch these airheads!


She looks disgusting. why won't this woman just go away?